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Programs and Courses of Colleges and Departments

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First Year Seminars, Research Opportunity Program, Mentorship Program, and International Studies Programs.
Below is a list of all Programs of Study in the Faculty of Arts & Science. These programs are normally sponsored by Departments and Colleges. Each Department and College has a three-letter designator to identify its courses; for example, the Anthropology Department courses begin with "ANT". These designators are indicated in bold-face below.

  • Some sponsors offer several programs; these are given in parentheses after the sponsor's name. For example: Victoria College (American Studies, Literary Studies, Renaissance Studies, Semiotics, Victorian Studies).
  • Some programs are combinations by two sponsors; these are indicated by the designators of the sponsors involved; e.g.: HIS & POL is a program combining courses from both History and Political Science.
  • Each sponsor's entry contains the following: list of Teaching Staff; descriptive essay; program requirements (courses required to complete each Program); Individual course descriptions.

ABS: Aboriginal Studies
ACT: Actuarial Science
African Studies - See NEW: New College
American Studies - See VIC: Victoria College
ANT: Anthropology
(ANT Sciences; Linguistic ANT; Physical ANT; Social & Cultural ANT)
Applied Mathematics - See MAT: Mathematics
Applied Physics - See PHY: Physics
ARH Archaeology
ARC Architecture
Artificial Intelligence - See NEW: New College
ASI Asia-Pacific Studies
AST: Astronomy

BMS: Basic Medical Sciences
(Biochemistry (BCH); Human
Biology; Immunology (IMM); Microbiology (MPL)
Molecular Genetics & Biology
Nutritional Sciences (NFS); Pharmacology (PCL);
Physiology (PSL); Toxicology)
BCH: Biochemistry
Behaviour - See ZOO: Zoology
BCH: Biochemistry
Bioethics (Porgram) - See PHL/PHI: Philosophy
Biogeography - See BOT: Botany
Biological Chemistry - See CHM: Chemistry
BIO Biology
(Biogeography; Molecular Plant BIO; Plant Pathology; Plant Population)
BOT: Botany
(Biogeography; Molecular Plant BIO; Plant Pathology; Plant Population)

Canadian Studies - See UNI: University College
Caribbean Studies - See NEW: New College
Celtic Studies - See SMC: St. Michael's College
Chemical Physics - See CHM: Chemistry
CHM: Chemistry
(Biological CHM; CHM & GLG Environmental Chemistry)
Chinese Studies - See EAS: East Asian Studies
Christianity & Culture - See SMC: St. Michael's College
Cinema Studies - See INI: Innis College
CLA: Classics
(Classical Civilization; GRK; GRK & PHL; LAT; Modern Greek)
Cognitive Science - See UNI: University College
Commerce & Finance - See MGT: Commerce
CSC: Computer Science
(CSC & ECO; CSC & MAT; CSC & PHY; CSC & STA; Human-Computer Interaction, Information Systems, Software Engineering)
Criminology - See WDW: Woodsworth College
Croatian and Serbian - See SLA Slavic
Cultural Geography - See GGR: Geography
Czech & Slovak - See SLA: Slavic

DRM: Drama

EAS: East Asian Studies
(Chinese Studies; East Asian Language & Literature; Japanese Studies; Korean Studies)
Economic History - See ECO: Economics
Ecology - See BIO: Biology
ECO: Economics
(ECO & CSC; ECO & GGR; ECO & MAT; ECO & PHL; ECO & POL; ECO & SOC; ECO & STA; Economic History; ECO (Commerce & Finance); ECO (Quantitative Methods)
Employment Relations - See WDW: Woodsworth
ENG: English
ENV: Environment, Division Of
ENV Chemistry, ENV & Health; ENV & Society; Past Environments PHY & ENV; Science & ENV; Toxicology & ENV; Minors)
Environmental Geosciences - See ENV: Environment, Division of
Environmental Studies - See INI: Innis College
Environmental & Resource Management - See GGR: Geography
Equity StudiesNEW: New College
Estonian - See FIN (and EST, HUN), Finno-Ugric Studies
Ethics, Society And Law - See TRN: Trinity College
EUR: European Studies
Evolutionary Biology - See BIO: Biology

FAH: Fine Art History
FAS/VIS: Fine Art Studio
FIN: Finnish
First Year Seminars: 199Y
FRE: French
(Also FCS, FSL, FTR)
(Cultural Studies; Drama; Lang. & Lit.; Literature; Language & Lingustics; Linguistics; FRE as a Second Language; Second Lang. Learning; Translation; FRE Studies)

GGR: Geography
(GGR & ECO; Environment & Resource; Historical & Cultural Management; Historical & Cultural GGR; Physical & Environmental GGR; Urban & Economic GGR)
GLG: Geology
(GLG & CHM; GLG & PHY; Environmental Geosciences; Palaeontology)
GER: German
(GER & PHL; Business GER; GER Lang & Literature; GER Studies; Yiddish)
GRK: Greek

Hebrew Language & Literature - See NMC: Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Historical Geography - See GGR: Geography
HIS: History
HPS: History & Philosophy Of Science & Technology
(History & Philosophy Of Science; History Of Science & Technology; Science & Technology Studies)
HUM: Human Biology
Human-Computer Interaction - See CSC: Computer Science
Humanism - See NEW: New College
Hungarian Studies - See HUN: Finno-Ugric Studies

IAS: Ibero-American Studies
Immunology - See IMM: Immunology
Information Systems - See CSC: Computer Science
INI: Innis College
(Cinema Studies; Environmental Studies; Urban Studies)
International Relations - See TRN: Trinity College
International Studies Program
Islamic Languages & Literature - See NMC Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
ITA Italian Studies
(Italian; Second Lang. Learning; Minors)

Japanese Studies - See EAS: East Asian Studies
JSP Jewish Studies

Korean Studies - See EAS: East Asian Studies

LMP Laboratory Med. & Pathobiology
LAT: Latin
Linguistic Anthropology - See ANT: Anthropology
LIN: Linguistics
(LIN & Languages Other Than English; LIN & PHL)
Literary Studies - See VIC: Victoria College

MMS: Materials Science
MAT: Mathematics (Also APM)
(Applied Mathematics (APM); MAT & BIO; MAT & ECO; MAT & PHL; MAT & PHY)
Mediaeval Studies - See SMC: St. Michael's College
MPL Microbiology - See Microbiology:
MEI: Middle East & Islamic History
MGR - Modern Greek
MLL Modern Languages & Literatures
MGB Molecular Genetics & Biology
Molecular Plant Biology - See BOT: Botany
MUS Music
(Also HMU, TMU)

NEW: New College
(African Studies; Caribbean Studies; Equity Studies; Human Biology; Humanism; Women's Studies)
NFS Nutritional Sciences - See BMS: Basic Medical Sciences
NMC Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
(Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Hebrew Language & Literature; Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies; Middle Eastern & Islamic History; Islamic Religion & Thought; Islamic Langrage & Literature)

Paleontology - See GLG: Geology
Peace And Conflict Studies - See UNI: University College PCL Pharmacology; Toxicology - See BMS: Basic Medical Sciences
Pharmacology; Toxiocology - See BMS: Basic Medical Sciences
PHI,PHL Philosophy
(Bioethics; PHL & ECO; PHL & ENG; PHL & GER; PHL & LIN; PHL & Literary Studies; PHL & MAT; PHL & POL; PHL & RLG; PHL & SOC)
Physical Anthropology - See ANT: Anthropology
Physical Geography - See GGR: Geography
PHY: Physics
PSL Physiology - See BMS: Basic Medical Sciences
Plant Pathology, Pyysiology, Population - See BOT: Botany
Polish - See SLA: Slavic Languages And Literatures
POL: Political Science
PRT: Portuguese
Psychoanalytic Thought - See TRN: Trinity
PSY: Psychology

RLG: Religion, Study Of
(RLG & EAS; RLG & NMC; RLG & PHL; Christian Origins)
Renaissance Studies - See VIC: Victoria College
ROP: Research Opportunity Program

Russian - See SLA: Slavic Languages And Literatures
SAS South Asian Studies
SMC: St. Michael's College
(Celtic Studies; Christianity & Culture; Mediaeval Studies)
Science & Environment - See ENV: Environment
Science & Technology Studies - See HPS: History & Philosophy of Science
Semiotics - See VIC: Victoria College
Serbo-Croatian - See SLA: Slavic
Sexual Diversity Studies - See UNI: University College
SLA: Slavic Studies
(Croatian & Serbian Studies; Czech & Slovak Studies; Polish Language & Literature; Russian & East European Studies; Russian Language & Literature; Slavic Languages; Ukrainian Language & Literature)
Social Anthropology - See ANT: Anthropology
SOC: Sociology
(SOC & ECO; SOC & PHL; SOC & POL; SOC & Urban Studies)
Software Engineering - See CSC: Computer Science
SPA: Spanish
STA: Statistics
(STA & CSC; STA & ECO; Mathematical Statistics)

Toxicology - See BMS: Basic Medical Sciences
TRN: Trinity College
(Ethics, Society & Law; Psychoanalytic Thought; Immunology; International Relations)

Ukrainian - See SLA: Slavic
UNI: University College
(Canadian Studies; Cognitive Science; Cognitive Sci. & Artificial Intelligence; Drama (see (DRM); Peace & Conflict Studies
Urban Studies - See INI: Innis College
Urban Geography - See GGR: Geography
VIC: Victoria College
(American Studies; Literary Studies; Renaissance Studies; Semiotics; Victorian Studies)

Victorian Studies - See VIC: Victoria College
Visual Studies - See FAS Fine Art Studio

Women's Studies - See NEW: New College
WDW: Woodsworth College
(Criminology; Labour-Management Relations)
WLD: World Literature
Writing At The University

YIDDISH - See GER: German

ZOO: Zoology (Behaviour)

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