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Table of Contents

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While Departmental counsellors and the Registrars of the Colleges are always available to give advice and guidance, it must be clearly understood that THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY RESTS WITH THE STUDENT FOR KNOWING THE RULES AND REGULATIONS IN THE CALENDAR concerning: completeness and correctness of course selection; compliance with prerequisite and corequisite requirements, etc.; completion of Program details; proper observance of the Breadth Requirement; and observance of regulations, deadlines, etc. Students are responsible for seeking guidance from a responsible officer if they are in any doubt; misunderstanding, or advice received from another student will not be accepted as cause for dispensation from any regulation, deadline, program or degree requirement.

Faculty of Arts and Science Timetable

A "Registration Instructions and Timetable" is issued in March along with this Calendar, and a revised Timetable in September, in time for Winter Session registration week. The information it contains is just as important as that in this Calendar.

Greetings from the Dean

Sessional Dates for 1998-99 Summer and Winter Sessions

Section 1: Admissions

Ontario Secondary School System:
  • Liaison & Deadlines; General Admission Criteria
  • Admission to Commerce & Economics (Stream 1)
  • Admission to Science (Stream 2)
  • Admission to Humanities (Arts) & Social Sciences (Stream 3)
    Canadian, American and Other Applicants outside Ontario
    Other Admission Categories
  • Transfer from Other Universities, Special Students, Second Degrees,
  • Visiting Students, Non-Matriculants, Senior Citizens, Re-Registrations

    Section 2: Student Services, Awards, Exchanges

    Counselling, Career Centre, Learning Skills Service, Family Care Advisor
    Health Service, Housing Service, International Student Centre, Sexual Harassment Office, Services to Persons with a Disability
    Student Unions and Associations; Ombudsperson, Writer-in-Residence
    Awards; Exceptional Academic Achievement; Faculty Scholarships; Study Elsewhere Program; Exchanges; Other Study Abroad Options; Internship Programs (Professional Experience Year, Japan Internship Program

    Seciton 3: Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Degree

    Teaching Staff; Program Essay
    B.Com. Degree, Program, and Distribution Requirements
    B.A. (Commerce) Program Requirements
    MGT (Management) Courses in Commerce

    Section 4: B.A., B.Sc., Honours B.A. and Honours B.Sc. Requirements

    Degree Requirements
    Program Requirements & Calendar Abbreviations
    Choosing Courses:
    • Definition; Descriptions; Rules Governing Choice; Course Load;
    • Telephone Service; Credit, Extra, & Supplemental Courses; Dropping Courses; Repeating Courses; Courses Outside the Faculty & University; Course Designators; Course Number; "Y" and "H" Courses
    • Types and Duration of Instruction; Prerequisites, Co-requisites, etc.
    Distribution Requirements:
    • Humanities Courses for Science and Social Science Students
    • Science Courses with no Science Background

    Section 5: Academic Programs & Courses

    Section 6: Academic Rules and Regulations

    University Notice
    Registration, Enrolment, Courses Elsewhere
    Dropping Courses, Withdrawing, Fees, Financial Assistance
    Term Work, Term Tests
    Final Examinations
    Grading Regulations, GPA
    Petitions and Appeals
    Student Records, Photo ID, Statement of Results, Transcripts
    University Grading Practices Policy
    Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
    Code of Student Conduct

    Section 7: The University, The Faculty, The Colleges

    History of the University, University Officers
    Faculty Officers and Structure of the Faculty
    St. George Colleges: Innis; New; St. Michael's, Trinity, University, Victoria, Woodsworth

    Section 8:University Degrees & Calendars

    University Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
    University Calendars

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