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Students in International Studies enrol in one of three areas studies programs. Ibero-American Studies, dealing with Spain, Portugal and the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America; European Studies, dealing with the 15 countries that comprise the European Union; and Asia-Pacific Studies, dealing with Japan, China, Korea and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Each program allows students to combine concentrated studies in a traditional discipline such as economics, political science, history, commerce or international relations, with key interdisciplinary core courses. These newly developed courses span the humanities and social sciences, and give students a solid understanding of the political, economic and cultural institutions of the region under study.

Through the language component - an integral part of each program - students acquire a working fluency in one of the major official languages of Ibero-America, the European Union, or the Asia-Pacific region. When they graduate, students of the International Studies Programs will have the cultural comprehension, the linguistic competence, and the specialized knowledge necessary to operate effectively in tomorrow's global economy.

Selected students will have the opportunity to participate in a work internship in a country of their choice. Interested students can also participate in the Research Opportunities Program, EUR 299Y (see First Year Seminars: 199Y.for details).

Program Office: Carr Hall, 100 St. Joseph Street, Room 312

Enquiries: U. Lischke-McNab, 926-2301

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