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Research Opportunity Program: 299Y

Professor K.R. Bartlett, MA PhD (Department of History and Victoria College), 585-4590 and Research Opportunity Program Office, 978-0359

The Research Opportunity Program ("ROP") provides an opportunity for students in their second year (i.e., after completing at least four but not more than nine courses) to earn one 299Y course credit by participating in a faculty member's research project.

Descriptions of ROP projects are in the ROP 299Y Project Binders, which will be available in departmental and college registrars' offices, the ROP Office, Room 3066, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street, and at ASSU and APUS, by February 15, 1999.

Students wishing to apply for places in the ROP should submit ROP Application forms (available with the ROP Binders) to the ROP Office, Room 3066, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street, by March 12 at the latest. Students will be informed in early May whether or not they have been accepted. Successful applicants will register in their 299Y course in the normal way through ACCESS. The 299Y courses begin in September.

A student may not register in more than one 299Y course. Each 299Y course will bear the three-letter designator of the department or program sponsoring it, e.g., ANT 299Y, ZOO 299Y, etc. Not all departments or programs will necessarily participate in the ROP each year.

Students will be expected to keep a journal recording meetings, progress, and what was learned about the project in particular and the nature of research in general. Full details of 299Y course requirements are in the ROP 299Y Project Binders. For further information contact the Coordinator.

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