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The Modern Languages and Literatures program is a number of sub-programs given by Faculty Language Departments. Upon graduation a student is certified as having completed a combined Specialist Program in the two languages chosen. Enrolment in this program requires the completion of four courses; no minimum GPA required. The normal combinations are listed below; for combinations NOT listed students should consult the departments concerned.

Specialist program: (14 full courses or their equivalent)

Fourteen courses are required, seven in each subject with the following requirements:

FRENCH: (7 courses) (with German S23141/Hebrew S11731/Italian S08151/ Portuguese S04331/ Russian S07341/Spanish S20721)

Same as the Major Program in FRENCH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE or the Major Program in FRENCH LITERATURE

GERMAN: (with /French S23141/Italian S15021/Russian S03231/Spanish S21921)


HEBREW: (with French S11731) (Consult Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations)
First Year: NMC 330Y
Higher Years: Six courses from: NMC 334Y, 336Y, 337Y, 432Y, 433Y, 435Y, 436H, 437H

ITALIAN: (with: French S08151/German S15021/Portuguese S25341/Russian S17831/Spanish S18781)

Same as the Major Program in ITALIAN

POLISH: (with French S21971/German S08781/Russian S18751)
First Year: SLA 106Y
Higher Years:
1. SLA 206Y, 216Y, 306Y, 406Y/416Y
2. Two courses from: SLA 226H, 326Y, 406Y, 416Y, 422H, 423H, 426H, 436Y, 446H

PORTUGUESE: (with French S04331/Italian S25341/Spanish S17711) (7 courses)

Same as the Major Program in PORTUGUESE

RUSSIAN: (with French S07341/German S03231/Italian S17831)
First Year: SLA 100Y
Higher Years:
1. SLA 220Y, 240Y, 320Y, 340Y
2. Two courses from: SLA 212Y, 224H, 310H, 314H, 315H, 317H, 318H, 319H, 330Y, 342Y, 343H, 354H, 355H, 361Y, 362H, 366H, 367H, 368H, 370H, 420Y, 430Y, 440Y, 452Y

NOTE: Students contemplating graduate work are advised to take 420Y

SPANISH: (with French S20721/German S21921/Italian S18781/Portuguese S17731) (7 courses)
First Year: SPA 100Y/220Y
Second Year:
1. SPA 220Y/320Y
2. Plus one or two SPA 200-series course if not taken in First Year
Third and Fourth Years:
1. SPA 320Y, 350Y
2. SPA 420H is recommended for students who start in SPA 100Y
3. SPA 420H is required for students who start in SPA 220Y or higher language course; plus a 300/400-series half-course in language or linguistics
4. Plus additional SPA courses from the 300/400-series, including a half-course in Spanish American literature, to make seven courses

UKRAINIAN: (with French S04451/German S10951)
First Year: SLA 108Y
Higher Years:
1. SLA 208Y, 308Y
2. Four courses from: SLA 218Y, 228H, 238H, 408H, 418H, 419Y, 428Y, 429H, 438H, 439H, 448H

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