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BCH Department of Biochemistry

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Biochemistry is concerned with the study of the living organism at the molecular level. Since Biochemistry is central to many biological and medical sciences, students undertaking studies in these diverse areas often find a background in biochemistry essential. A Specialist program in Biochemistry is offered.

Enrolment in the Biochemistry Specialist Program is limited. For further information consult the Undergraduate Secretary.

Undergraduate Secretary: L.A. Moran (978-2704) (

Enquiries: Medical Sciences Building, Room 5207 (978-2700)

World Wide Web:

Faculty Members

Collaborative Programs of the Faculty of Arts and Science & the Faculty of Medicine

University Professor Emeritus
M.A. Packham, BA, Ph D, FRSC

Professors Emeriti
R.A. Anwar, M Sc, Ph D R.K. Murray, MB, Ch B, MS, Ph D
G.E. Connell, BA, Ph D W. Thompson, B Sc, Ph D
T. Hofmann, Dip Chem, D Sc Tech D.O. Tinker, B Sc, Ph D (T)
B.G. Lane, BA, Ph D G.R. Williams, B Sc, Ph D, D Sc (S)
M.A. Moscarello, BA, MD, Ph D

Professor and Acting Chair of the Department
P.N. Lewis, B Sc, Ph D

University Professor

D.H. MacLennan, BA, M Sc, Ph D, FRSC

R.R. Baker, B Sc, Ph D (V) C.A. Lingwood, B Sc, Ph D
A. Bennick, M Sc D, Ph D A. Marks, MD, Ph D
N. Camerman, B Sc, Ph D L.A. Moran, B Sc, Ph D
C.M. Deber, B Sc, Ph D E.F. Pai, Dipl-Chem, Dr rer nat
J.F. Forstner, BA, MD, Ph D R.H. Painter, B Sc, Ph D (T)
S. Grinstein, B Sc, Ph D D.E. Pulleyblank, B Sc, Ph D
J.W. Gurd, BA, Ph D R. Reithmeier, B Sc, Ph D
C.L. Hew, M Sc, Ph D B.H. Robinson, B Sc, Ph D
C.J. Ingles, B Sc, Ph D B. Sarkar, M Pharm, Ph D
D.E. Isenman, B Sc, Ph D H. Schachter, BA, MD, Ph D
L. Kay, B Sc, Ph D J.M. Segall, B Sc, Ph D
F.W. Keeley, B Sc, Ph D C.H. Siu, BA, Ph D
A. Klip, M Sc, Ph D J. Sodek, B Sc, Ph D
H.G. Lawford, B Sc, Ph D D.B.Williams, M Sc, Ph D

Associate Professors
J.W. Callahan, M Sc, Ph D M.L. Rand, B Sc, Ph D
D. Clarke, B Sc, Ph D J.K. Reed, M Sc, Ph D
P.W. Connelly, BA, Ph D J. Rini, B Sc, Ph D
J. Forman-Kay, B Sc, Ph D W. Trimble, B Sc, Ph D
L. Howell, B Sc, Ph D

Assistant Professors
A. Davidson, B Sc, Ph D D. Rotin, B Sc, Ph D
C. Hogue, B Sc, Ph D J.F. Wright, B Sc, Ph D

Senior Tutor

P.M. Bronskill, M Sc



Enrolment in this Program requires the completion of the first two years of a science program including three prerequisite second-year courses. Enrolment into the Biochemistry Specialist Program at the end of second year is limited to no more than 50 students. Selection is based in part on the GPA in the first- and second-year courses and performance in selected prerequisite courses. Specialist program: S17621 (14 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 400-series course)
First Year: BIO 150Y; CHM 137Y/(132H, 133H)/151Y; MAT 135Y/137Y; PHY 110Y/138Y/140Y (PHY 138Y recommended)
Second Year: BIO 250Y; CHM 222Y/223Y, 240Y/248Y (CHM 240Y recommended)

NOTE: CHM 229H has MAT 235Y/237Y as co-requisite

Third Year:
1. BCH 321Y, 371H; MGB 311Y
2. CHM 346H/347H/348H. CHM 327Y for students who have taken CHM 229H
3. One 300-series BIO/BOT/CHM/IMM/MPL/ZOO course

Fourth Year:
1. BCH 471Y
2. Four of: BCH 421H/422H/423H/424H/425H/429H/430H/CHM 447H/JBI 428H/MGB 420H

NOTE: Students who take CHM 229H in 2nd year must take CHM 327Y in third year


(see Section 4 for Key to Course Descriptions)

For Distribution Requirement purposes, all BCH courses are classified as SCIENCE courses.

Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project. See Research Opportunity Program for details.

Introductory Biochemistry (formerly BCH320Y) 39L

An introductory course in biochemistry intended for students who are NOT taking BCH321Y as part of their program. The course is divided into three sections, covering proteins and enzymes, metabolism, and the structure of nucleic acids.
Exclusion: BCH320Y/321Y/CHM379H/361H (E)/312H (E)
Prerequisite: BIO250Y, CHM240Y/248Y

Introductory Biochemistry 78L

An introductory course in biochemistry. Intended for students specializing in biochemistry and related programs, and requiring a more intensive background in chemistry than BCH310H.
Exclusion: BCH310H/320Y/CHM 379H/361H (E)/312H (E)
Prerequisite: BIO250Y, CHM222Y/223Y, CHM240Y/248Y

Laboratory Course in Biochemical Techniques 13L, 39P

Techniques in biochemical research and analytical laboratories. Intended for students who are not proceeding further in biochemistry. (Enrolment limited)
Exclusion: BCH371H
Prerequisite: CHM240Y/248Y
Co-requisite: BCH310H

A Laboratory Course in Biochemistry 75P

An introduction to laboratory techniques of modern biochemistry. Experiments illustrate and develop the concepts described in BCH321Y, and prepare the student for advanced training in biochemical laboratory techniques. (Enrolment limited)
Exclusion: BCH370H
Prerequisite: CHM240Y/248Y
Co-requisite: BCH321Y

NOTE Students who have completed BCH310H/320Y or Erindale CHM361H and 362H may enrol in 400-series lecture courses if they obtain permission of the Department

Protein Structure and Function 26L

Elements of protein structure and conformations are presented, and their role in protein functions is discussed in detail. Proteins as enzymes are described, and the structures and functions os membrane proteins are discussed. Recent advances in protein engineering, and site-directed mutagenesis are presented. (Enrolment limited)
Prerequisite: BCH321Y/CHM379H

Cell Surface Biochemistry 26L

Structure and biogenesis of cell surface membranes; relationship of structure to functional aspects of the cell surface, cell-cell interactions, transmembrane signals, hormone receptors, cell surface enzymes and transport.
Prerequisite: BCH321Y

Metabolic Enzymology and Control Mechanisms 26L

Mechanisms of control of mammalian intermediary metabolism. Kinetics of feedback, allosteric proteins and enzymes; control of carbohydrate, lipid, amino acid, and nucleotide metabolism; relationship between metabolism and cell growth. (Offered in alternate years)
Prerequisite: BCH321Y

Bio-organic Mechanisms 26L

The application of mechanistic chemistry to enzyme systems. Catalysis, chemical model systems, coenzymes, metals, covalent catalysis. (Offered in alternate years)
Prerequisite: BCH321Y

Biophysical Methods 26L

Theory and practice of modern biophysical techniques as applied in the study of structure and function of macromolecules; emphasis on protein X-ray crystallography, NMR, and other spectroscopic methods; discussion of selected examples.
Prerequisite: BCH421H

Molecular Immunology 26L

Molecular mechanisms involved in the generation and expression of specific immunity including the structure, function and biosynthesis of immunoglobulins, the complement systems, transplantation antigens and membrane signalling events. (Given by the Departments of Biochemistry and Immunology)
Prerequisite: BCH310H/320Y/321Y, IMM334Y

Recommended preparation: JLM349H/MGB311Y

Metabolism and Physical Chemistry of Lipids 26L

Structure, chemistry, and occurrence in biological systems of glycerides, phospholipids, glycolipids, and sterols, and aspects of their metabolism. Physical chemistry of complex lipids, principles governing assembly into bilayer membranes, and methods for studying membrane structure. (Offered in alternate years)
Prerequisite: BCH321Y

Nucleic Acid Biochemistry 26L

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the chemistry of nucleic acids and nucleo proteins and how structure affects their functions as the reservoir of genetic information and as structural elements in biological systems.
Prerequisite: BCH321Y, CHM222Y/223Y

Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory 168P

Experiments demonstrating modern concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology. (Enrolment limited)
Prerequisite: BCH321Y, 371H/Erindale CHM361H, 362H, 371H

Special Work in Biochemistry 154P

Research in a particular area of biochemistry, by arrangement with the Department and the instructor concerned.
Prerequisite: BCH321Y, 371H and permission of Department
Co-requisite: BCH471Y

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