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Genetics, the science of heredity, has long served as a meeting ground for a variety of biological disciplines. Recent developments in molecular genetics, the branch of genetics concerned primarily with molecular aspects of gene structure and function, have re-affirmed the central role of genetics in biology. Of particular significance in this regard has been the development of techniques that permit cloning of genes from different organisms and their detailed study in known genetic backgrounds. The impact of these and other technological advances extend to such diverse fields as plant and animal developmental biology, virology, immunology and cancer biology.

The Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology Program staff includes instructors from the departments of Biochemistry, Botany, Medical Genetics and Microbiology, and Zoology. The program is designed to provide training appropriate for a career in molecular genetics or those biological disciplines to which the rationale and techniques of the field could be applied. Career opportunities for graduates of the program include employment in research institutes, universities and industry. In many cases training beyond the undergraduate level would be required and the program provides an excellent preparation for post-graduate studies.

Undergraduate Secretary: Dr. A. Becker, Medical Sciences Building (978-5561)

Enquiries: Medical Sciences Building, Room 4388 (978-8359)

E-mail address:

Faculty Members

Collaborative Programs of the Faculty of Arts and Science & the Faculty of Medicine

Professors Emeriti
R.A. Anwar, M Sc, Ph D H. Murialdo, B Sc, Ph D
C.R. Fuerst, M Sc, Ph D I. Tallan, B Sc, Ph D
J.J. Krepinsky, M Sc, Ph D, RNDR

M.G. AbouHaidar, M Sc, Ph D P.A. Horgen, M Sc, Ph D
I. Andrulis, B Sc, Ph D C.J. Ingles, BSc, PhD
A.J. Becker, MD, Ph D P.N. Lewis, B Sc, Ph D
J.L. Brunton, M Sc, Ph D L.A. Moran, B Sc, Ph D
M. Buchwald, AB, Ph D D.E. Pulleyblank, B Sc, Ph D
J.B. Campbell, Ph D B.H. Robinson, BSc, Ph D
V.L. Chan, M Sc, Ph D P.D. Sadowski, MD, Ph D
J.R. Coleman, Ph D J.M. Segall, B Sc, Ph D
R.A. Collins, B Sc, Ph D M.J. Shulman, Ph D
M.C. Ganoza, B Sc, Ph D N.A. Straus, M Sc, Ph D
M. Gold, BA, Ph D L-C. Tsui, Ph D
J.F. Greenblatt, B Sc, Ph D S.L. Varmuza, MS, Ph D

Associate Professors
B. Andrews, B Sc, Ph D P. McCourt, B Sc, Ph D
A.L. Bognar, Ph D M. Moran, BSc, Ph D
M. Brown, M Sc, Ph D P.N. Ray, B Sc, Ph D
E.N. Fish, Ph D M.J. Ringuette, B Sc, Ph D
B. Funnell, B Sc, Ph D P.A. Romans, M Sc, Ph D
S. Joshi-Sukwhal, Ph D J. Rommens, BSc, PhD
H. Krause, B Sc, Ph D A. Spence, B Sc, Ph D

Assistant Professors
A.W. Cochrane, Ph D M. Tyers, BSc, PhD
M.D. Perry, Ph D


MOLECULAR GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (Hon.B.Sc.) Consult Dr. A. Becker, Department of Medical Genetics and Microbiology, 978-5561.

Enrolment in this Program is limited and selection is based on the GPA in First and Second Year required courses. See application procedure under BMS programs.

Specialist program: S18651 (14 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 400-series course)
First Year: BIO 150Y; CHM 137Y/151Y; MAT 135Y/ 137Y; PHY 110Y/138Y/140Y (PHY 138Y recommended
Second Year: BIO250Y, 260H; CHM 222Y, 240Y
Third Year: BCH 321Y, 371H; MGB 311Y, 312H
Fourth Year:
1. MGB 420H, 430H
2. 2.5 additional courses from: BCH 421H, 430H; BIO 351Y, 460H; BOT 322Y, 351Y, 421H, 450Y; MGB 425H, 450H, 460H, 470H, 480Y; MPL 375Y, 424H, 434H, 436H, 440H, 445H; ZOO 327H, 329H, 482Y

Note: the 400-series MPL courses have MPL 375Y as a prerequisite.


(see Section 4 for Key to Course Descriptions)

Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project. See Research Opportunity Program for details.

Molecular Biology 78L

Recombinant DNA and other techniques of molecular genetics; DNA replication, DNA repair and mutation, recombination, transcription, RNA modification and processing, the genetic code and tRNA, translation, regulation of gene expression, development and differentiation, molecular evolution.
Exclusion: JLM349H, JBC372H (E)
Prerequisite: BIO250Y
Corequisite: BCH321Y

Principles of Genetic Analysis 78P

Bacterial and bacteriophage growth cycles; standard biological assays; spontaneous and induced mutations; selected markers, including conditional-lethal types; gene transfer mechanisms in bacteria and recombinant selections; lysogeny; complementation and mapping of point and deletion mutants
Prerequisite: BIO250Y, 260H
Co-requisite: MGB311Y

Regulation of Gene Expression 26L

This course describes regulatory mechanisms controlling gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The lectures are designed to promote discussion of various experimental approaches. Topics include: assembly of a transcription complex; initiation of transcription; role of sigma factors and transcription factors; role of regulators of transcription; regulation of SV40 transcription; lambda antitermination; antitermination in HIV-1.
Exclusion: BIO477H (E)
Prerequisite: BCH321Y, MGB311Y

Signal Transduction and Cell Cycle Regulation 26L

This course presents and integrates molecular aspects of signal transduction and cell cycle regulation in eukaryotic cells from yeast to humans. Emphasis is on recent advances in growth factor receptor signalling, modular protein domains, and the recurrent role of protein phosphorylation and protein-protein interactions in cell regulation.
Prerequisite: BCH321Y, MGB311Y

Laboratory in Molecular Genetics 78P

DNA purification, DNA transfer in microorganisms, restriction endonucleases, gel electrophoresis, recombinant DNA methods.
Pre- or Co-requisite: MPL376H/MGB312H

Molecular Genetics of Selected Eukaryotes 26L

A course concentrating on the study of yeast, fungi, Drosophila, and C.elegans stressing their unique aspects.
Exclusion: ZOO329H
Prerequisite: MGB311Y

Plant Molecular Genetics 26L

Structure, organization, expression and regulation of genes in the nucleus, and chloroplast of photosynthetic organisms; regulation of gene expression during plant development and in response to the environment.
Prerequisite: BCH321Y/MGB311Y/JLM349H or permission of instructor

Somatic Cell and Human Genetics 26L

Mutants of mammalian cells in culture, human cytogenetics and chromosome structure, human gene mapping, molecular genetic analysis and disease, oncongenes and cancer.
Prerequisite: MGB311Y

Special Project TBA

An opportunity for specialized individual research in molecular genetics and molecular biology by arrangement with the course coordinator.
Co-requisite: MGB430H

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