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The Ibero-American Studies Program is designed for students in the social sciences, sciences and humanities whose academic and career interests encompass aspects of Latin America, Portugal or Spain. The Ibero-American courses permit students to situate interests in fields such as Political Science, Anthropology, History, or Geography within the broader framework of interdisciplinary studies, and at the same time to develop expertise in the languages and cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world. The required interdisciplinary core course focuses on themes and issues central to an understanding of contemporary Ibero-America. Language instruction throughout the program stresses written and oral communication and includes a business option. Internship opportunities will be available to qualified students seeking work experience in Ibero-American countries.

Program Directors: Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and Professor P. Blanchard, Department of History

Program Information Officer: Ms. B. Talesnik (978-7314)


Enrolment is open to students who have completed four courses, including one or both of SPA 100Y/PRT 100Y (students with OAC Spanish or Portuguese or appropriate equivalents are exempted from the 100-series prerequisite in that language). No minimum CGPA is required, but applicants must have achieved at least 65% in the language prerequisite.


Consult the Program Information Officer, Ms. B. Talesnik (978-7314)

Major program: M16801 (6 or 7 full courses or their equivalent, including at least two 300+series courses)

NOTE: Some of the courses listed below may have prerequisites.
First Year: One of the following: PRT 100Y/SPA 100Y (waived for students with OAC Portuguese or Spanish)
Second Year:
1. IAS 200Y
2. One of: PRT 210Y/220Y/SPA 220Y
Higher Years:
1. One of: PRT 320Y/SPA 320Y/323Y
2. Three additional full course equivalents on appropriate Ibero-American topics from the following departmental or college offerings: ANT, GGR, HIS, IAS, POL, PRT, SPA. A complete list of eligible courses approved by the Program Committee is available from the Program Information Officer.


(B.A.) Consult the Program Information Officer, Ms. B. Talesnik (978-7314)

Minor program: R04001 (4 full courses or their equivalent)
1. IAS 200Y
2. SPA 100Y*, 220Y, 323Y *NOTE: Students with OAC Spanish or appropriate equivalents will begin their language study with SPA 220Y and complete the minor program with another full-course equivalent chosen from the list of approved Ibero-American courses. A complete list of eligible courses approved by the Program Committee is available from the Program Information Officer.

Enrolment is open to students who have completed four courses and who have been accepted in a B.Com. program. To remain in the program, students must achieve at least 65% in SPA 100Y.


(see Section 4 for Key to Course Descriptions)

Ibero-America: History, Civilization, Culture 52L, 26T

An overview of Latin America from the 15th century to the present and of the social, political, and cultural institutions of Spain and Portugal in America. Emphasis on the demographic trends, regional diversity and cultural centres that have created the Latin America of today.

This is a Humanities or a Social Science course

Ibero-American Seminar 26S

An issue-oriented seminar for senior students in the Ibero-American Studies Program. In 1998-99 the topics and readings focus on globalization and cultural imagery in Latin America, with special emphasis on artistic responses to the global cultural forces of post-colonialism, post-feminism, and post-modernism from 1955 to 1975.
Prerequisite: IAS200Y

This is a Humanities course

Brazil: History, Peoples, Culture (formerly SMC270H) 26L

An overview of Brazilian development from 1500, with emphasis on the environment, as well as the Amerindian, African-Brazilian, and immigrant contributions to the politics, industrialization and Portuguese-language culture of the largest country in Latin America.
Recommended preparation: IAS200Y/a course in Portuguese

This is a Humanities or a Social Science course

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