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MGB Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology

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Genetics, the science of heredity, has long served as a meeting ground for a variety of biological disciplines. Recent developments in molecular genetics, the branch of genetics concerned primarily with molecular aspects of gene structure and function, have re-affirmed the central role of genetics in biology. Of particular significance in this regard has been the development of techniques that permit cloning of genes from different organisms and their detailed study in known genetic backgrounds. The impact of these and other technological advances extend to such diverse fields as plant and animal developmental biology, virology, immunology and cancer biology.

The Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology Program is offered by the Department of Medical Genetics and Microbiology, and taught by instructors from the departments of Biochemistry, Botany, Medical Genetics and Microbiology, and Zoology. The program is designed to provide training appropriate for a career in molecular genetics or those biological disciplines to which the rationale and techniques of the field could be applied. Career opportunities for graduates of the program include employment in research institutes, universities and industry. In many cases training beyond the undergraduate level would be required and the program provides an excellent preparation for post-graduate studies.

Undergraduate Coordinator:

Dr. B. Funnell, Medical Sciences Building (416-978-1665; email: mgb.info@utoronto.ca)

Undergraduate Office/General Inquiries:

Medical Sciences Building Rm 4293C (416-978-5561; email: undergrad.medgen@utoronto.ca)

More information is available on our website:


Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology Program

Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology (Science program)

Enrolment in this program is limited and selection is based on performance in First year required courses. Apply at the end of the First year via the Faculty’s Subject POSt web site. At later times, contact the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Specialist program:
(14 full courses or their equivalent)
1. Required courses:

First Year:
BIO150Y1; CHM138H1, CHM139H1; MAT135Y1/ MAT137Y1; PHY110Y1/PHY138Y1/PHY140Y1 (PHY138Y1 recommended)

Second Year:
BCH242Y1; BIO250Y1, BIO260H1; CHM220H1, CHM247H1

Third Year:
BCH371H1; MGB311Y1, MGB312H1

Fourth Year:
MGB420H1, MGB430H1
2. An additional 3.5 FCE (in the third and fourth years) from the following list; at least one FCE must be at the 400-series level: BCH335H1, BCH340H1, BCH440H1, BCH441H1; BIO351Y1, BIO461H1, BIO460H1, BIO472H1; BOT351Y1; CHM347H1; HPS333H1; MBY377H1, 378H1, 428H1, 434H1, 440H1, 445H1; MGB425H1, MGB451H1, MGB452H1, MGB460H1, MGB470H1, MGB480Y1; ZOO328H1, 482Y1

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