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Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Courses

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Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project. See page 40 for details.

Introduction to Pathobiology 52L, 6P

Concepts in pathogenesis; cell injury and death; tissue structure, wound healing; repair and fibrosis. Molecular basis of major organ system pathology. The laboratory examines gross anatomical specimens and introduces histopathology. Enrolment is limited to students specializing in pathobiology who have completed the first and second year requirements of the program.
Exclusion: LMP301H1

Introduction to the Biochemistry of Human Disease 26L

Introduces concepts and mechanisms of disease processes as they arise from disturbances of normal biochemical and physiological functions. The rational use of the clinical biochemistry laboratory in the diagnosis and management of disease is explained. Not intended for students in the Pathobiology Specialist program.
Exclusion: LMP300Y1
Prerequisite: BCH210H1
Co-requisite: PSL302Y1/JBO302Y1

Principles of Pathobiology 26L

Pathological changes brought on by foreign compounds; applications of pathology to the detection of toxic carcinogenic actions.
Prerequisite: BIO250Y1, CHM247H1

Neoplasia 20L, 6P

A general introduction to the cellular and molecular aspects of cancer and its etiology. The laboratory component presents the range of benign and malignant tumor types at the gross and histological levels. Pathophysiology of cancer, invasion and metastases, role of the immune system.
Co-requisite: LMP300Y1 or permission of department

Inflammation and Infection 26L

Cellular and molecular components of the inflammatory response. Activation of the inflammatory response by viral and microbial pathogens. Tissue pathology resulting from the inflammatory response. Evolution of pathogens to avoid and exploit the response.
Prerequisite: IMM334Y1/MBY(377H1, 378H1)

Immunopathology 26L

The immune system in disease. Responses of the immune system to host invasion, injurious stimuli, and transplantation. Immunopathology of organ-specific diseases including pancreas, gut, liver, heart, kidney, and blood. Intended for students specializing in pathobiology or related programs.
Prerequisite: IMM334Y1/LMP300Y1

Bone and Skeletal Disorders 26L

Focused broadly on the theme of calcium, from its cellular function and the endocrine systems regulating it, to bone structure and biomechanics. Selected bone diseases, their genetic variability, and treatment strategies are considered in depth.

Project in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology 156P

A self-contained research project to be completed under the supervision of a faculty member. The main areas of research are as listed in the description of the Department (above). The student will normally have completed three full years of study, and is expected to devote at least one full day per week to the project. Admission is by arrangement with the Department and with a particular supervisor. A list of potential supervisors is available from the Departmental Office and on our web site.
Prerequisite: BCH210H1/310H1, LMP300Y1/363H1/365H1 and permission of department

Pathobiology of the Cardiovascular System 26L

Pathobiology of the heart, blood vessels, and lymphatic system. Congenital diseases of the heart, ischemic injury, stroke. Treatments of vascular disease and cardiovascular biomaterials. Major focus on atherosclerosis and hypertension. The emphasis is on the underlying cell biology of these processes.

Microbial Pathogenesis 39L

Molecular mechanism involved in pathogenesis of infectious disease. Topics include recurrent themes in the establishment of infectious disease, such as adherence and spread of pathogenic bacteria as well as evasion of host defences. Emphasis is placed on genetic characterization and expression of virulence determinants and on interactions between bacterial pathogens and their hosts.
Prerequisite: BCH210H1, IMM334Y1/MBY377H1
Co-requisite: MGB430H1

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