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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Program

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Collaborative Program of the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Chemistry combines knowledge of the biological, medical, and physical sciences in the study of the scientific aspect of drug therapy. The emphasis is on the chemical nature of the reactions and interactions involved in drug therapy. The students will receive a solid background in the aspects of chemistry the most relevant to drugs: physical, organic, and analytical chemistry. They will also learn the fundamental aspects of the synthesis, manufacture, use, and mode of action of drugs.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Program

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Science program)

Enrolment in this program is limited to students with a 2.7 CGPA in the required first year courses described below. Visit the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Program web site for updated information about requirements, course offerings, and events: www.utoronto.ca/pharmacy/pharm_chem/.
Consult Dr. R. Macgregor, Room 409, F. Norman Hughes Building (416 978 7332) for general program requirements.

Specialist program:
(15.5 courses or their equivalent, including at least one 400-series course)
NOTE: Some of the courses listed below may have prerequisites.

First Year:
BIO150Y1; CHM (CHM138H1,CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1; MAT135Y1/MAT137Y1; PHY110Y1/PHY138Y1/PHY140Y1

Second Year:
BCH210H1; BIO250Y1; (CHM220H1,CHM221H1)/CHM225Y1; CHM247H1/CHM249H1; PCL201H1

Third Year:
CHM 217F; PHC300Y1; PHC320H1; PHC330Y1; PHC340Y1

Fourth Year:
1. CHM314Y1; PHC489Y1
2. Two full course equivalents from:
CHM346H1; CHM347H1; CHM379H1; CHM410H1; CHM427H1; CHM440H1; CHM417Y1; PHC470Y1; PHC407H1; PHC408H1; PHC433H1; PHM451H1; PHM453H1; PCL475Y1; PCL470Y1

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