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Greetings From The Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to a new academic year in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

You are pursuing your studies in a Faculty that offers a greater variety of courses from which to choose than any other Faculty of its kind in Canada. I urge you to take advantage of this marvellous opportunity to expose yourself to new fields of inquiry, to develop innovative course combinations to complement your own individual talents and aspirations, and to dabble in fields you might otherwise never have the chance to explore. You may choose to twin your major with one of our international programs (in the areas of Asia-Pacific, Ibero-American or European studies, or international relations) or combine your love of sciences with courses in the humanities. Whatever the case, I hope you will find this Calendar to be a useful planning tool.

For those entering their first year, the First Year Seminar courses provide a unique opportunity to learn in a highly participative, small group setting. Second year students may wish to consider the Research Opportunities program. And to all students, I encourage you to read the Arts and Science Calendar carefully and take advantage of the sheer diversity of learning opportunities it presents. Departmental counsellors and college registrars are always available to provide advice and guidance.

With all good wishes for a successful and enjoyable academic year in the Faculty of Arts and Science,

Carl G. Amrhein

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