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Applicants From Ontario Secondary Schools - 1998-99

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Secondary School Liaison

The Office of Public Relations and Development in the Faculty of Arts and Science offers a variety of programs to acquaint secondary school students with the Faculty, areas of study, and University life in general, in order to assist them in making critical choices regarding their post-secondary education. We welcome your inquiries about these programs or about any aspect of our admission requirements and programs of study.

Telephone: (416) 978-4272;

To qualify for admission to the St. George Campus of the Faculty of Arts and Science, you must:

  • be eligible for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD);

  • present credits in at least SIX Ontario Academic Courses (OACs), one of which is OAC English 1/ anglais. If your mother tongue is not English and you have studied in an English-language system for less than four years, you must present proof of English facility - for instance, TOEFL or the University of Toronto Certificate of Proficiency in English (COPE). You do not have to present OAC English 1/ anglais;

  • Students are admitted to the St. George Campus in one of three Admission Streams. The admission requirements for each Stream are indicated below.

The OAC requirements for admission in each Stream generally prepare you for the First Year courses that lead to Programs of Study. You do not actually enrol in a Program until the end of First Year (or until you have completed at least four courses). However, some programs and First Year courses have specific OAC prerequisites that go beyond the general OAC prerequisites. These are indicated in the charts below. You should also consult the program listings within this Calendar.

The average required for admission varies from year to year, but is always higher than 70%. Applicants who do not meet the normal requirements, but have evidence of exceptional ability or extenuating circumstances, may present a written request for special consideration.

Economics and Commerce: Stream One

Apply for admission in Stream One if you plan to pursue one of the following Programs of Study: Economics; Commerce & Finance; Information Systems (formerly Computer Science for Data Management). If you are admitted in Stream One you are guaranteed enrolment in ECO 100Y, MGT 120H, and MAT 133Y, the First Year prerequisite courses for the Programs listed above.

Normally, you apply to enrol in Programs at the end of First Year; however, a limited number of applicants from Ontario secondary schools offered admission to Stream One will also be guaranteed enrolment into the Commerce Program at the end of First Year (or upon completion of at least four full courses). This guarantee will be granted based on OAC performance. Students not receiving guaranteed enrolment when admitted to the Faculty will apply to enrol in the Commerce Program at the end of First Year (or upon completion of four full courses).

To apply for admission in the Economics and Commerce Stream you must present the following six OACs:

  • English 1/anglais;
  • Calculus;
  • Algebra & Geometry -or- Finite Mathematics;
  • Three additional OACs.

If you are admitted in another Stream you may apply to enrol in the MGT, ECO and MAT courses above if you have the MAT course prerequisites of OAC Calculus and OAC Algebra & Geometry or Finite Mathematics, but you are not guaranteed enrolment in them.

Science: Stream Two

If you plan to pursue a Program of Study in one of the Sciences listed in the table below, apply for admission in Stream Two and present the following six OACs:

  • English 1/anglais;
  • Calculus;
  • Four additional OACs*.

*In choosing your four additional OACs, consult the following table of OAC prerequisites for First Year courses leading to the various Science Programs.
Program: OAC Prerequisites (in addition to Calculus); (A & G = Algebra & Geometry)
REQUIRED Recommended
Actuarial Science: A & G Physics
Astronomy: A & G, Physics Chemistry
Basic Medical Sciences: Biology, Chemistry A & G, Physics
Biology & Botany Biology, Chemistry A & G
Chemistry: Chemistry, A & G Physics
Computer Science: A & G/Finite Math Physics
Environmental Programs (see also ENV)
  • Environmental Sciences
Biology A & G
  • Environmental Geosciences
A & G, Biology, Chemistry Physics
  • Science & the Environment
Biology, Chemistry A & G, Physics
Physical/Environmental Geography ---- Chemistry, Physics
Geology: Chemistry; A & G, Physics
Mathematics: A & G Physics
Physical Anthropology++ Biology
Physics A & G, Physics
Psychology: (see below+)
Statistics: A & G
Zoology: Biology, Chemistry
A & G

++ If you are interested in Physical Anthropology and have a science background, choose additional OACs from the table above according to other Sciences that also interest you; OAC Calculus is recommended, but not required

+ The First Year Psychology course, PSY 100Y, has no OAC prerequisites; however, students entering the Faculty as of September 1998 will require OAC Calculus if they choose subsequently to enrol in the Psychology Program.

Humanities (Arts) & Social Sciences (except Economics & Commerce): Stream Three

If you plan to pursue a Humanities (Arts) or Social Science Program (or a Psychology Program but you have no Science OACs), apply for admission in Stream Three and present the following six OACs:

  • English 1/anglais;
  • Five additional OACs.

In the language departments, students with OAC language credits are assigned to higher-level courses appropriate to their level of proficiency. Students may also begin the study of many languages at the University without specific OAC preparation.

Most Humanities and Social Sciences have no specific OAC prerequisites. The following subjects in Stream Three, however, do require or recommend certain OACs:

Program: OAC Prerequisites


Geography: A & G/Calculus/Finite Mathematics
History & Philosophy of Science: sciences
Physical Anthropology*** Biology Calculus
Psychology: A & G/Calculus/Finite Mathematics

*** You can take this program with only an OAC in Biology, but Calculus broadens your course options.

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