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WLD World Literatures

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This program provides an opportunity for students to take courses in which they can familiarize themselves with the great literary works and cultural contexts of the Eastern and Western traditions, from the early classical texts of Greece and China right up to the modern day. All texts not originally in English are read in translation. For information about the Program, please consult the Principal, Victoria College.

This program is open to students who have completed four courses; it is advisable to take JEF100Y1 as one of the first four courses.

World Literatures Program (Arts program)

Major program:
(7 full courses or their equivalent, including at least two 300+series course)
1. JEF100Y1, WLD300Y1
2. Five full courses or their equivalent from groups A - E, but no more than two full courses or their equivalent from any one group. (At least one full course equivalent must be a 300+ series course.)

Minor program:
(4 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 300+series course)
1. JEF100Y1
2. Three full courses or their equivalent from groups A - E; one of these must be at the 300+ level (students can also take WLD300Y1 as one of their courses in this category).

Group A: Prose
CLA236H1 Greek & Roman Epic
CLA384H1 Greek Literature in Translation
CLA385H1 Roman Literature in Translation
CLA386H1 Classical Literature in Translation
EAS309H1 Modern Chinese Prose
EAS323Y1 Japanese Fiction in Translation
EAS330H1 Narrative Strategies in Modern Japanese Fiction
EAS334Y1 Chinese Fiction: Its History and Art
FIN350H1 The Finnish Short Story
ITA249H1 Italians in China: From Marco Polo to Matteo Ricci
SLA228H1 Soviet Ukrainian Fiction in Translation
SLA240Y1 The 19th Century Russian Novel
SLA312H1 Nabokov
SLA314H1 Dostoevsky
SLA317H1 Tolstoy
SLA416Y1 Polish Prose
SLA354H1 Topics in 19th Century Russian Literature
SLA422Y1 History into Literature

Group B: Drama
CLA382H1 Classical Greek Theatre
CLA383H1 Hellenistic and Roman Theatre
DRM260H1 History of the Greek and Roman Theatre
DRM264H1 History of Western Theatre from 1660 to 1800
DRM266H1 History of Western Theatre from 1800 to the Present
EAS233H1 History of China’s Performing Arts
GER232H1 German Drama in Translation
ITA390H1 The Commedia dell’Arte
SLA337H1 Masterworks of Drama
SLA406Y1 Polish Drama

Group C: Ancient & Mediaeval Texts
EAS238H1 Japanese Poetry and Fiction: Earliest Times to the 14th Century
EAS239H1 Tales of Genji
EAS305Y1 Art and Literary Theory of Pre-Modern China
EAS336Y1 Traditional Chinese Literature in Translation
EAS336H1 Chinese Literature (Pre-Qin to Tang)
EAS337H1 Chinese Literature (Song to Qing)
EAS338Y1 Japanese Poetry
EAS442Y1 Representative Works of Chinese Literature
ENG200Y1 The Bible and English Literature
ITA311H1 Mediaeval Italian Literature in Translation: Dante
ITA312H1 Mediaeval Italian Literature in Translation: Petrarch and Dante
NMC250H1 Myth, Legend and Law
NMC251H1 Faith and Fanaticism
NMC252H1 Tradition Challenged
NMC253H1 Singers of Israel
NMC255H1 Arabic Literature in Translation
NMC350H1 Syriac Literature in Translation
SMC420H1 Medieval Vernacular Literature

Group D: Modern World Literatures
EAS250H1 Korean Literature
EAS408H1 Modern Taiwanese Literature
EAS456H1 Japan as Seen by ?: Reference, Apparatus, Operation
ENG253Y1 World Literatures in English
ENG254Y1 Contemporary Native North American Literature
ENG256Y1 Twentieth-Century North American Jewish Literature
EST400Y1 Estonian Literature from 1700
GER204H1 German Literature in Translation
GER361Y1 Introduction to Yiddish Literature in Translation
ITA334H1 Italian Canadian Literature I: Life in a New World
ITA493H1 Italian Canadian Literature II: Identity and Voice
NEW322Y1 The Contemporary African Novel
SLA211Y1 Masterworks of Russian Literature
SLA340Y1 20th Century Russian Prose
SLA343H1 Post-Stalinist and Contemporary Russian Literature
SLA355H1 Topics in 20th Century Russian Literature
SLA405Y1 Czech and Slovak Literatures
SMC353Y1 Contemporary Irish Writing

Group E: Literatures and Cultures
CLA160Y1 Introduction to Classical Studies
CLA204H1 Introduction to Classical Mythology
CLA219H1 Women in Antiquity
CLA220H1 Women in Classical Literature
CLA305H1 Theories of Myth
EAS207H1 Literatures of East Asia
EAS235Y1 Perceptions of China in Japanese Literature
EAS385Y1 Cultures of India
FCS195H1 From Napoleon to Asterix
FCS297H1 Comic Books and French Culture
FCS298H1 French Culture and Asia
FCS331H1 French Cinema and Literature
FCS497H1 Contemporary Feminisms
FIN210Y1 Introduction to Finnish Literature & Culture
FIN310H1 Finnish Folklore: The Kalevala
FIN340H1 Finland-Swedish Literature and Culture
GER150H1 German Cultural Studies I: Germany and the Germans
GER250H1 German Cultural Studies II: Problems and Prospects
ITA233H1 Ethnicity and Mainstream: Italian Canadian Culture
ITA245Y1 Italian Culture and Civilization I
ITA249H1 Italians in China: from Marco Polo to Matteo Ricci
ITA394H1 Opera Libretto
ITA441H1 Italian Novel into Film: Aspects of Cinematic Adaptation
ITA494Y1 Artist as Writer
NEW223Y1 Caribbean Literature and Society
PRT361H1 Foreign Mappings: Portugal & Brazil Seen from Abroad
RLG230Y1 Religion and Literature
SLA216Y1 Survey of Polish Literature and Culture
SLA217Y1 History of Literature and Culture
SLA218Y1 Ukrainian Literature and Culture
SLA227Y1 Croatian Cultural History
SLA248H1 Women and Women’s Themes in Ukrainian Literature

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