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WLD World Literatures Courses

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The Western Tradition (formerly WLD 100Y1) 78L

An introduction to literature through major works of the Western literary tradition. What constitutes a literary “classic”? How have the great concerns of the Western tradition - human nature, its place in society, its mythmaking, its destiny - been represented in literature? These and other questions are examined by reference to 11-12 works, from ancient times to the twentieth century, by such authors as: Homer, Sophocles, Ovid, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Molière, Austen, Dostoevski, Kafka, Camus, Beckett and Márquez. (A joint course offered by the Departments of English and French; see also JEF100Y1 in the French program listings.)
Exclusion: WLD100Y1

Provocations: Literary Transformations in the 20th Century 78L

What makes literature “modern”? What makes its questions different from those asked in the past? This course examines significant transformations in contemporary literature by studying works ranging from the early avant-garde to most recent literary trends.
Recommended Preparation: JEF100Y1,1

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