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PLN Planetary Science

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Sponsored by the Departments of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Chemistry, Geology and Physics.

The Planetary Science Program is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Departments of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Chemistry, Geology and Physics. It focuses mainly on the study of the planets in our own solar system, but extrasolar planets are also discussed. The aim is to provide information about different techniques for studying the nature and origin of planets and planetary systems.

Students enrolled in this program must consult the undergraduate secretary of one of the participating departments for advice on the selection of courses. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in one of these disciplines should include core courses from the appropriate department(s) in their course selection.

Planetary Science (Science program)

Specialist Program:
(14 full courses or equivalent, including at least one 400+series course)
Enrolment in the Planetary Science Specialist program is open to students who have completed four full course equivalents.

First Year:
(CHM138H1, CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1; MAT135Y1/MAT137Y1; PHY138Y1/PHY140Y1 (MAT137Y1 and PHY140Y1 preferred)

First or Second Year:

Second Year:
AST221H1; CHM225Y1/(PHY252H1, PHY256H1); MAT235Y1/MAT237Y1 (MAT237Y1 preferred); MAT244H1; PHY251H1

Third Year:
CHM238Y1; GLG206H1, GLG216H1/GLG207H1; PHY255H1, PHY315H1, PHY359H1

Fourth Year:
PLN420H1, PLN425H1
Third and/or Fourth Years:
1. At least three of AST325H1; CHM338H1; CSC457H1, GLG318H1, GLG440H1, GLG465H1; PHY351H1, PHY407H1, PHY408H1, PHY499H1
2. One additional 300+series course; consult with appropriate Undergraduate Secretary for course selection

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