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AST Astronomy Courses

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First Year Seminar 52S

Undergraduate seminar that focuses on specific ideas, questions, phenomena or controversies, taught by a regular Faculty member deeply engaged in the discipline. Open only to newly admitted first year students. It may serve as a distribution requirement course; see page 40.

The Sun and Its Neighbours 26L

How simple naked-eye observations can lead to a basic understanding of many solar system phenomena. Planets and comets: their motions and properties. Finding out about the sun and nearby stars.
Exclusion: AST221H1. Also excluded are CIV101H1, any 100- or higher-series CHM/PHY courses taken previously or concurrently (with the exception of PHY100H1, CHM200Y1)
This course is intended for students with no science or engineering background.

Origin and Evolution of the Universe 26L

The origin of the Universe, the origin of the chemical elements, the origin of stars and galaxies, the origin of life in the Universe. This course is intended for students who are enrolling in science courses.
Exclusion: AST201H1. Also excluded are AST221H1, AST222H1 if taken previously or concurrently
Prerequisite: OAC Physics/ SPH4U and OAC Calculus/MCB4U

Stars and Galaxies 26L

How astronomers develop methods for determining the properties of remote stars and galaxies, including their life histories. Methods used to study the Universe as a whole. This course is intended for students with no science or engineering background.
Exclusion: AST121H1/AST210H1. Also excluded are CIV101H1 and any 100- or higher-series CHM or PHY courses taken previously or concurrently (with the exception of PHY100H1/CHM200Y1)

The History and Nature of Astronomical Discovery 26L

The history of Western astronomy: Copernican Revolution to twentieth century astrophysics. Emphasis is placed on the process of discovery which has led to major advances in knowledge about the Universe. The course ends with an outline of one of the most significant puzzles of our day and an examination of the potential for a new revolution in knowledge in our lifetime.
Exclusion: AST201H1

Solar System and Stellar Astronomy 39L

Telescopes and instrumentation, concepts in basic physics applied to a treatment of the solar system and stars.
Exclusion: AST101H1/AST201H1
Prerequisite: PHY138Y1/PHY140Y1, MAT135Y1/MAT137Y1

Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy 39L

Concepts of basic physics applied to a treatment of stellar systems and the structure of the Universe.
Exclusion: AST201H1
Prerequisite: AST221H1

Life on Other Worlds 26L

Scholarly discussion of the probability that there are planets with life elsewhere in the universe, from the perspective of current ideas concerning the origin and evolution of the universe, the solar system and life. Discussion of search techniques and possibilities for interstellar travel and space colonies.
Prerequisite: OAC Biology/OAC Chemistry/OAC Physics/SBI4U/SCH4U/ SPH4U

Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project. See page 40 for details.

Introduction to Astrophysics 26L

The formation, equilibrium and evolution of structure on all astronomical scales from the largest to the smallest: universe, clusters of galaxies, galaxies, clusters of stars, gas clouds and stars.
Prerequisite: AST222H1, PHY251H1/PHY252H1/PHY255H1/PHY256H1

Practical Astronomy 78P

Experimental projects in astrophysics involving work with telescopes and data reduction with computers. Astronomical coordinate systems and time. Students are expected to write simple computer programs for some of the assignments.
Prerequisite: AST221H1/AST222H1, PHY251H1/PHY252H1/PHY255H1/PHY256H1

Independent Experiential Study Project

An instructor-supervised group project in an off-campus setting. See page 40 for details.

Topical Astrophysics 26L

Discussion of topics of current interest in astrophysics. Possible topics include accretion disk physics, compact object physics, spiral structure in galaxies, dark matter physics, black-body physics.
Prerequisite: PHY351H1, PHY355H1

Research Topic in Astronomy TBA

A research report by the student in consultation with an individual staff member in the Department. This course is intended for students in the final year of the Astronomy and Physics specialist program. Students must enrol with the Undergraduate Secretary of the Department.
Prerequisite: Two of PHY307H1, PHY308H1, PHY309H1, PHY315H1, PHY325Y1/326H1, PHY351H1, PHY352H1, PHY353H1, PHY355H1, PHY357H1, PHY358H1, PHY359H1
Co-requisite: AST420H1 or Prerequisite: AST325H1

Case Studies in Scientific Computation

(See “Computer Science”)

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