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EUR European Studies

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The European Studies Program is designed to develop an interdisciplinary expertise on modern Europe. Students in the Program can acquire a working fluency in one of the following languages (in addition to English) of the European Union: Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, or Spanish. Language instruction emphasizes written and oral communication. To ensure that graduates in European Studies have the historical understanding and specialized knowledge, as well as linguistic competence, necessary to comprehend contemporary Europe, a balanced syllabus is presented: core courses on the political evolution of Europe and on the economics and politics of European integration are complemented by choices from courses offered by the twelve academic departments participating in the Program.

European Studies Program

This is a limited enrolment program open only to those who earn a mark of at least 70% in one of the required first-year language courses and who also successfully complete at least 4 full courses in first year. Visit the European Studies Program web site for updated information about requirements, course offerings, and events: www.library.utoronto.ca/european_studies.

European Studies (Arts program)

Consult Dr. E. S. Klein, Room 325N, Munk Centre for International Studies (416-946-8962) for general program requirements.

Major program:
(7 full courses or their equivalent, including at least two 300-series courses)
NOTE: Some of the courses listed below may have prerequisites.

First Year:
One of the following: EST100Y1; FIN100Y1; FSL121Y1/FSL161Y1/FSL181Y1; GER100Y1/GER150H1/GER200Y1; HUN100Y1; ITA100Y1/ITA101Y1/ITA102Y1/ITA133H1, ITA134H1/ITA152Y1; PRT100Y1/PRT110Y1/PRT220Y1; SLA106Y1/SLA205Y1; SPA100Y1/SPA220Y1

Second Year:
1. EUR200Y1
2. One full course equivalent from: EST200Y1; FIN200Y1; FSL161Y1/FSL181Y1/FSL261Y1/FSL264Y1/FSL281Y1; GER200Y1/GER300Y1/GER370H1; HUN200Y1; ITA250Y1/ITA251Y1/ITA252Y1/ITA253Y1; PRT220Y1/PRT320Y1; SLA206Y1/SLA305Y1; SPA220Y1/SPA320Y1

Third Year:
1. POL302Y1/POL324Y1
2. One full course equivalent from: EST300Y1; FIN300Y1; FSL261Y1/FSL262Y1/FSL264Y1/FSL281Y1/FSL361Y1/FSL362Y1/FSL366H1/FSL381Y1/FSL382H1/FSL383H1; GER300H1/GER370H1/GER400Y1/GER470H1; HUN310Y1; ITA248Y1/ITA350Y1/ITA351Y1/ITA352Y1/ITA353Y1; PRT320Y1/PRT420Y1; SLA306Y1, SLA435Y1; SPA320Y1/SPA323H1/SPA420H1
Second, Third or Fourth Year:
Two full course equivalents from: ANT446Y1; ECO201Y1, ECO230Y1, ECO303Y1, ECO342Y1, ECO452H1; ENG202Y1; EST400Y1; FCS195H1, FCS290H1, 291H1, 292H11,FCS294H1, 296H1, FCS297H1, FCS298H1, FCS310Y1, FCS331H1, FCS390H1, 394H1, FCS395H1, 396H1, 397H1, 398H1, FCS490H1, 491H1, 492H1, 495H1, FCS496H1, FCS497H1; ; FIN210Y1, FIN250H1, FIN260H1, FIN310H1; GGR339H1, GGR344H1, GGR361H1, GGR439H1; GER204H1, GER205H1, GER232H1, GER335H1, GER351H1, 352H1, GER410H1; HIS241H1, HIS242H1, HIS245Y1, HIS251Y1, HIS310Y1, HIS317H1, HIS331H1, HIS334Y1, HIS337Y1, HIS338Y1, HIS339Y1, HIS341Y1, HIS342Y1, HIS344Y1, HIS348H1, HIS353Y1, HIS354Y1, HIS357Y1, HIS388Y1, HIS407H1, HIS414H1, HIS429Y1, HIS445H1, HIS448Y1, HIS451H1, HIS453H1, HIS461H1, HIS483Y1; HUN320Y1, HUN351H1, HUN450H1, HUN451H1, 461H1; INI382Y1, INI462H1; ITA210Y1, ITA240Y1, ITA245Y1, ITA248Y1, ITA303H1, ITA340Y1, ITA347H1, 356/357Y1, 358/359Y1, ITA441H1, ITA455H1, ITA472Y1; JEF100Y1; JHP453Y1; JPD439Y1; PHL210Y1, PHL215H1, PHL216H1, PHL220H1, PHL265H1, PHL275H1, PHL310H1, PHL311H1, PHL315H1, PHL316H1, PHL318H1, PHL321H1, PHL322H1; POL302Y1, POL317Y1, POL321Y1, POL324Y1, POL344Y1, POL414H1, POL415H1, POL440Y1, POL452Y1, 453Y1, 462Y1; PRT250H1; SLA215H1, SLA216Y1, SLA225H1, SLA226H1, SLA405Y1, 406Y1, SLA414H1, SLA416Y1, SLA424Y1, SLA425Y1, SLA434Y1, SLA445H1; SOC203Y1; SPA250H1

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