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EUR European Studies Courses

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Europe: Nation-State to Supranational Union 52L, 26T

An analysis of the development of European political regimes since 1789. This course identifies the decisive forces and factors affecting the operation of constitutions and institutions within the countries which came to form the European Union: nationalism, multi-nationalism, internationalism and supranationalism.
This is a Humanities or Social Science course
Courses Offered Through the Berlin Centre

Studies in International Architecture: Berlin - Tracing a Discontinuous Urbanism

This course will focus on the architecture and urban fabric of Berlin, as a city that has experienced periods of intense destruction and reconstruction rendering its urban fabric complex, layered and discontinuous. Topics will include Berlin's urban history, from the turn of the century, to the city under the Third Reich, its destruction during World War II, its division during the cold war, and the recent building boom as the capital shifted back to Berlin. The course will cover general urban issues as well as specific buildings, ncluding the new Reichstag, the Holocaust Museum, the Scandinavian Embassies, and the GSW Building.
Prerequisite: one half course in Architectural History or Theory. Non-architecture students are welcome, pending the permission of the instructor.
*Note: This course may be counted as an EUR course.

Special Topics Course: Flashpoint Berlin Berlin during the Cold War and Beyond

A study of historical, political and cultural development in Germany, Berlin and, by extension the world. This will be accomplished through an analysis of popular fiction and films. Notably the genre of the spy novel will be examined, through historical material, such as, STASI and CIA documents. Museum and tunnel sites under the former Wall will make the literature come alive and provide information about life in a divided and confrontational city.
*Note: This course may be counted as an EUR course.

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