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NRS Neuroscience Courses

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Neuroscience 26L

A survey of brain systems, including evolution and development of the nervous system, brain stem system for defensive and approach responses, limbic and cortical systems for learning, and higher brain functions. Techniques for study of brain systems including pharmacology, gene targeting and human brain imaging are introduced.
Exclusion: PSY290H1
Prerequisite: BIO150Y1; PSY101H1/PSY100Y1
Pre- or co-requisite: PSL300H1/ZOO252Y1

Neuroanatomy 26L

This is a rigorous, introductory course that presents the functional and comparative anatomy of the vertebrate brain. It is designed for students who intend to continue with studies in the Neurosciences and related areas.
Pre- or co-requisite: PSL300H1/PSL302Y1/PSY290H1/ZOO252Y1

Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project. See page 40 for details.

Neuroscience Laboratory 36P

A practical course covering many aspects of neuroscience including membrane potentials, muscle contraction, sensory mechanisms, perception, reflexes, reaction time and reward mechanisms. Writing skills are emphasized. (First offered in 2001-02)
Exclusion: PSY399H1
Prerequisite: NRS201H1, NRS202H1; Neuroscience Specialist

Project in Neuroscience 8S, 156P

Laboratory research project on a neuroscience topic, with reading assignments leading to a final report and oral presentation. By special arrangement with a staff member in the Physiology, Psychology or Zoology departments.
Prerequisite: NRS201H1, NRS202H1

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