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Trinity College

Most Rev. J.C. Bothwell, BA, LTh, BD, DD

Provost and Vice-Chancellor
T. Delworth, BA, MA

Vice-Provost and Dean of Arts
D.P.H. Allen, MA, B Phil, D Phil

Registrar and Dean of Men
B.W. Bowden, MA, Ph D

Associate Registrar R.R.
Branch, BA

Dean of Women
E. Abbott, BA, MA, Ph D

G.B. Seaborn, BA, MBA

L.W. Corman, MA, MLS

Trinity College enrols approximately 1,200 students in Arts, Science, and Commerce. Although it admits students to any program of studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science, it has a traditional emphasis on teaching in the Humanities and has established co-ordinated programs in Ethics, Society and Law, Immunology, International Relations, and Psychoanalytic Thought. Classes and tutorials are offered in the College in co-operation with Departments of the University. From its founding as an independent university in 1851 the College has encouraged and maintained a high level of academic achievement. The limited enrolment fosters a sense of community among faculty and students. Although historically an Anglican foundation, the College is open to students of all religions.

Trinity College provides the services of a Writing Advisory Centre (978-3530), an Audio-Visual Centre (978-5851), a Computer Aid Centre (978-1917), and eight resident Academic Dons (Tutors) in the Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.

The College Library, Chapel, buttery, dining halls, common rooms and theatrical facilities are provided for the benefit of both the commuting non-resident and resident students. Nearly 40% of the College's students live in residence. The men of the College are accommodated in the Main Quadrangle. Women students are accommodated in St. Hilda's College. The Gerald Larkin Academic Building, on Devonshire Place, includes lecture rooms and offices of many of the teaching staff together with the Language Laboratory, Writing Advisory Centre, and lockers for commuting students. International Relations staff are in St. Hilda's College.

For further information about the College and for residence applications write the Registrar, Trinity College, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1H8. The Registrar will see prospective students by appointment.

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