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Rules & Regulations:
Student Records; Personal Information; Photo I.D. Cards; Statement Of Results; Transcripts

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Student Records

The "official student academic record" is maintained by the Faculty, which shall designate the document, form or medium containing the official version and how official copies of such information will be identi- fied.

Student academic records refer to information concerning admission to, and academic performance at, this University. The "official student academic record" contains:

  1. personal information which is required in the administration of official student academic records such as name, student number, citizenship, social insurance number;
  2. registration and enrolment information;
  3. results for each course and academic period;
  4. narrative evaluations of a student's academic performance, used to judge his or her progress;
  5. results of petitions and appeals;
  6. medical information relevant to a student's academic performance, furnished at the request or with the consent of the student;
  7. letters of reference, whether or not they have been provided on the understanding that they shall be maintained in confidence;
  8. personal and biographical information such as address, and telephone number.

Access To Student Academic Records

  1. Access by a student. (i) Students may examine and have copies made of their academic record as defined above, with the exception of those portions of the record which comprise letters of reference which have been provided or obtained on the expressed or implied understanding that they shall be maintained in confidence. A student may however, be advised of the identity of the authors of any confidential letters contained in his or her official academic record. (ii) Students' requests to examine any part of their "official student academic record" shall be made in writing and shall be complied with within thirty days of receipt. (iii) Students may challenge the accuracy of their academic record with the exception of the materials specifically excluded above and may have their record supplemented with comments so long as the sources of such comments are identified and the official student academic record remains securely within the custody of the academic division. Reference to such comments would not necessarily appear on official academic reports such as the transcript or the Statement of Results. (Note that access to medical information shall only be granted to members of the teaching and administrative staff with the prior expressed or implied consent of the student and, if applicable, in the case of a medical assessment, the originator (physician, etc.) of such.) (iv) It is assumed that all documents relating to petitions and appeals and not provided on the understanding that they shall be maintained in confidence will be retained within the division, and when needed by the student, will be made freely available. In addition, The Statutory Powers Procedure Act, 1971 of Ontario requires that where the good character, propriety of conduct or competence of a party is in issue in any proceedings in a tribunal to which the Act applies (such as the Academic Appeals Board of the Governing Council), the part is entitled to be furnished prior to the hearing with "reasonable information" of any allegations with respect hereto.
  2. Access by University Staff. Members of the teaching and administrative staff of the University shall have access to relevant portions of a student's academic record in the performance of their duties.
  3. Access by U. of T. campus organizations. Student organizations in the U. of T. may have access to all information available freely to persons outside the university and to the residence address and telephone number of the student, for the legitimate internal use of that organization.
  4. Access by Others
    (a) By the act of registration, a student gives implicit consent for a minimal amount of information to be made freely available to all inquirers:
    • the academic divisions(s) and the session(s) in which a student is or has been registered,
    • degree(s) received and date(s) of convocation.
    (b) Any other information shall be released to other persons and agencies only with the student's prior expressed written consent, or on the presentation of a court order, or in accordance with the requirements of professional licencing or certification bodies or the Ministry of Colleges and Universities for an annual enrolment audit, or otherwise under compulsion of law. A record shall be kept of permissions granted to any persons or agencies outside the university for access to a student's academic record.
    (c) General statistical material drawn from academic records not disclosing the identities of students may be released for research and informational purposes.

Refusal of Access

The University reserves the right to withhold access to Statements of Results and transcripts of students who have outstanding debts. The University may also choose not to release the official diploma to such students nor to provide written certifications of degree on their behalf.

Custody of Student Academic Records

Academic records are normally under the custodial responsibility of the academic divisions. Fifty years after a student has ceased to be registered, all such records become the responsibility of the University Archivist and become open to researchers authorized by the University of Toronto.

Personal Information

Personal information is a vital part of the student's official University record and is used to issue statements of results, transcripts, graduation information, diplomas and other official documents. The University is also required by law to collect certain information for the Federal and Provincial Governments; this is reported only in aggregate form and is considered confidential by the University.

Any change in the following must therefore be reported immediately to the College Registrar:

  • legal name;
  • Social Insurance Number;
  • citizenship status in Canada;
  • Address Change:
    Address information (sessional and home) may be viewed and changed on the Faculty of Arts and Science Web Page or in your College Registrar's Office.

    Student Card

    The student photo identification card is a wallet-sized card bearing the student's photograph, and serves as evidence of registration in the Faculty. It is used for identification purposes within the University, such as Faculty examinations, student activities, and Athletic Association privileges. The loss of the card must be reported promptly to the College Registrar, and the card must be surrendered if a student withdraws from the University or transfers to another College or Faculty. There is a fee of $6.00 for the replacement of lost card.

    Statement of Results

    Statements of Results are mailed to students at their home address at the end of the Session. Students should expect to receive their Statements within six weeks of the end of the examination period, and should contact their College Registrar immediately if the Statement of Results has not been received. Statements of Results are not issued at the end of first term. Results for "A" and "F" courses are available on the Student Telephone Service and at College Registrars' offices in January for the Winter Session and in July for the Summer Session.


    The transcript of a student's record reports the standing in all courses attempted along with course size and course average, information about the student's academic status including record of suspension and refusal of further registration, and completion of degree requirements and of a Program.

    Final course results are added to each student's record at the end of each term. Course size and average, status and GPA are calculated at the end of each session only. Individual courses from which a student withdraws within the normal time limit are not shown. However, the date of withdrawal from a session (i.e. withdrawal from the last course in which a student was enrolled) is recorded. Therefore, when a student taking only a single course withdraws from it, the date is recorded since it constitutes withdrawal from a session.

    Copies of the transcript are issued at the student's request, subject to reasonable notice. Requests should be submitted in person or by writing the Office of the Faculty Registrar, Faculty of Arts and Science, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St., Toronto M5S 3G3. In accordance with the University's policy on access to student records, the student's signature is required for the release of the record. There is no charge for transcripts issued within the University for internal use. A fee of $6.00 for each copy is charged for transcripts to all other destinations. Letters of Confirmation are $6.00. Payment MUST accompany such requests. Transcripts issued directly to students bear the official seal of the Faculty, but are normally stamped "Issued to Student". Transcripts may also be provided to students in sealed envelopes for enclosure with self-administered applications. Students must specify at the time of ordering whether the transcript is to be "issued to student" (ITS), or in a specially sealed envelope. (SES).

    The Office of the Faculty Registrar cannot be responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail. Transcripts are not issued for students who have outstanding financial obligations with the University.

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