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Innis College

J.W. Browne, MA

Academic Assistant to the Principal
R. Riendeau, MA

Administrative Officer
M. Kempton-Padmore

Coordinator of Students Services and Registrar
D. Boere, BA, MA

Associate Registrar
F. Clark, BA, M Ed

Dean of Residence
G. Spencer

Alumni and Community Relations Officer
S. Lautens, BA

Library Coordinator
L. Ferstman

Director of Writing Centre
R. Greenwald, Ph D

Director of the Math/Stats Tutoring Centre
P. Mcdonell, MA

Innis College offers its 1,200 students the advantage of belonging to a small, closely-knit college community which encourages personal contact and creates an open, stimulating, and friendly educational and social atmosphere. The academic program of the College includes credit courses listed under "INI" in the Calendar. These courses are integral to the three programs based in the College: Cinema Studies, Environmental Studies, and Urban Studies. In addition, the College consciously fosters services designed to ease the transition of its students from high school to university to the world beyond. These services include the Writing Centre, the Math/Stats Tutoring Centre, and the Library/Microcentre.

Founded in 1964 and named in honour of the late Harold Innis, an internationally renowned Canadian scholar, the College is housed in a unique three-story building which blends old and new styles by incorporating a substantial Victorian home into a functional modern structure centrally located at the corner of St. George Street and Sussex Avenue. Across the street, the Innis Residence, a "state-of-the-art" co-ed complex, can accommodate 327 students from the Faculty of Arts and Science as well as from the professional Faculties, thereby forming the basis for a diverse and enriched Innis student community.

Innis students have an opportunity to involve themselves in the College's political life through their equal representation with the teaching and administrative staff on Innis College Council (and all its committees), which advises the Principal on academic programs and other policies and guidelines that shape the College's development. The principle of parity in College governance has done much to foster a spirit of mutual cooperation and trust throughout the Innis community.

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