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Fees And Financial Assistance

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Schedule of Fees

Fees are subject to change at any time by approval of the Governing Council, so the following information is only a general guide. It may be superseded by that in the Schedule of Fees, which contains accurate, detailed information on tuition fees, payment procedures and refunds. Students of Innis, New, University and Woodsworth Colleges receive it from the University's Fees Department; students of St. Michael's, Trinity and Victoria Colleges from their College Bursar.

Tuition fees normally consist of two parts: academic fees (including instruction and library) and incidental fees (including Hart House, Health Service, Athletics, and student organizations). Additional fees may also be assessed for such items as field trips and laboratories.

Fees Invoice and Method of Payment

Students receive with the Schedule of Fees a Fees Invoice, which must be submitted with the appropriate payment according to the Schedule. Payment must be made at banks or trust companies listed on the fees invoice.

Payment Deadlines (For the Winter Session)

Fees are due prior to registration and may be paid in full, or a minimum payment may be made of 60% of academic fees and 100% of incidental fees as indicated on the Schedule. All accounts must be paid in full by January 15th.

To avoid delays and line-ups students are advised to pay fees early. All outstanding balances, regardless of source of payment, are subject to a service charge of 11/2% per month compounded, first assessed on October 15 and on the 15th of each month until the account is paid in full.

Students with outstanding accounts may not receive official transcripts or diplomas and may not re-register at the University until these accounts are paid.

Fees for Foreign Students

In accordance with the recommendation of the Government of Ontario, certain categories of students who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents of Canada are charged academic fees of approximately $8000.00 (97W: to be confirmed) per session. Refer to the Schedule of Fees for details. Further information on fees may be obtained by students of Innis, New, University and Woodsworth Colleges from the Fees Department, University of Toronto, 215 Huron St., Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A2; (416) 978-2142. Students of St. Michael's, Trinity and Victoria Colleges should consult their College Bursar.

Residence Fees

Detailed student residence information is contained in College brochures. Further information on residence fees at St. Michael's, Trinity or Victoria College may be obtained from the College Registrars; for other Colleges from the University Office of the Comptroller. Residence fees for the Winter Session in 1996-97 ranged from $5200 to $5800 (approximately) for room and board.

Financial Assistance

A limited number of in-course bursaries, scholarships and awards is available to students who need financial assistance or who qualify for them on the basis of academic merit. Information on these, and the Ontario Student Assistance Program, is available from the Office of the Faculty Registrar, the Office of Admissions and Awards, or the College Registrars.

Sanctions on Account of Outstanding Obligations

The following are recognized University obligations: (a) tuition fees; (b) academic and other incidental fees; (c) residence fees and charges; (d) library fines; (e) bookstore accounts; (f) loans made by Colleges, the Faculty or the University; (g) Health Service accounts; (h) unreturned or damaged instruments, materials and equipment; (i) orders for the restitution, rectification or the payment of damages, fines, bonds for good behaviour, and requirement of public service work imposed under the authority of the Code of Student Conduct.

The following academic sanctions are imposed on Arts and Science students with outstanding University obligations:
1. Official transcripts of record will not be issued;
2. The University will not release either the official document (called the diploma) which declares the degree earned, nor provide oral confirmation or written certification of degree status for external enquirers; and
3. Registration will be refused to continuing or returning students.

Payments made by continuing or returning students will first be applied to outstanding University debts and then to current fees.

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