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Study Elsewhere Program

The Study Elsewhere Program offers students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience by studying in different academic, social and cultural settings. Students entering the third year of an Honours degree program may fulfill program requirements while studying abroad. Interested students are advised to begin preparations for this program early in their second year of study.

For more information please visit the Study Elsewhere Program web site.

The Program is NOT designed for study at Anglophone universities in Canada or in the USA (some exceptions apply).


The minimum requirements for the program are listed below. Additional requirements may be set depending on the type of program in which the student is interested.

  • Second year students wishing to study abroad during the third year of an Honours Degree Program
  • Minimum Sessional Grade Point Average of 2.50 (B-) in the last five courses completed in the Faculty prior to June 1998.
  • Demonstrated language proficiency for study in countries where the official language is other than English (equivalent to a second-year university-level language course).
  • Enrolment in a Specialist or two Major programs. At least three of the courses required for these programs must be completed by May of the second year.

Structure of Program

  • One academic year during which students are expected to complete a full-course loads of study at the host institution (maximum of five [5.0]courses).
  • At least 60% of the students' course work during their studies elsewhere must be completed in the area of concentration.
  • Students earn degree credit through transfer of credit for course work completed at the host university or through studies supervised by instructors in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Application Deadlines:

SEP Student Exchanges Programs:January 30, 1998
Self-directed and Departmental Programs February 13, 1998

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