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Applicants From Outside The Ontario Secondary School System

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The Faculty of Arts and Science is home to a rich and varied student body. Although most of our students are from Southern Ontario, we have students from every province of Canada and from over 90 foreign countries. We encourage application by qualified students from outside Ontario. Applicants must present a satisfactory academic record from recognized academic institutions and meet the requirements listed below or in the Undergraduate Admissions Bulletin. The specific average or standing required for admission varies from year to year.

Canadian Students

Applicants from the Province of Quebec must present twelve academic C.E.G.E.P. courses. Applicants from all other provinces and territories in Canada must present grade 12 matriculation.

American Students

Applicants from the United States must present Grade 12 matriculation and results from two College Entrance Examination Board Scholastic Aptitude Tests and three Achievement Tests (American College Testing scores are also accepted).

Other Applicants

Information on admission requirements for applicants from overseas is contained in the Undergraduate Admission Bulletin available from Admissions and Awards.

All Applicants from Outside the Ontario School System

In addition to meeting the Faculty of Arts and Science admission requirements, students intending to enrol in Economics and Commerce programs or Science Programs must have completed, or must take, a full credit secondary school course or equivalent in Calculus which covers the geometric notion of a limit, the differentiation and integration of elementary functions and provides them with a geometric grasp of differentiation and integration in place of OAC Calculus. For further information on acceptable Calculus courses or equivalents, please contact the Department offering the program in which you intend to enrol.

PUMP (Preparing for University Math Program)

PUMP is a non-credit, intensive course specially designed to prepare students for entry-level mathematics courses, like calculus and linear algebra. It is designed primarily for students from outside Ontario who require additional pre-university mathematics background. The course costs $600.00, and runs from July 15- August 28, 1997. For more information on PUMP, contact the Office of the Faculty Registrar, 100 St. George Street, Room 1006, Toronto Ontario M5S 3G3.

Application Deadlines

Every attempt is made to process applications as quickly as possible; however, application should be made early in the year for which admission is sought, and no later than:

For Summer 1997: For Winter 1998-99: For Summer 1998 For Winter 1998-99
First Term: March 15/97 Full-time studies: April 1/97 First Term: March 15/98 Full-time: April 1/98
Second Term: May 15/97 Part-time studies: June 1/97 Second Term: May 15/98 Part-time: June 1/98
NOTE: Overseas applicants should apply by March 1.

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