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Writing At University

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Writing At University (Note: For courses in creative writing, see entries under “English” (ENG), “Innis College” (INI) and “Victoria” (VIC) in this Calendar)
The ability to think critically and to write well-organized, clear, grammatical prose is important to your work in many courses and will improve your chances if you apply to graduate or professional schools. It will also give you an advantage in the workplace. To help you develop your writing skills, the university provides a range of resources
Departments and programs integrate instruction on writing into their courses, and some offer courses that concentrate on communication in their disciplines. Check the course listings by department. In any course, your instructors will provide guidelines for course assignments, and you may ask them to discuss written work that has been graded and returned to you.
In addition, the university offers a number of courses in writing prose:
ENG100H1 (Effective Writing) and ENG269Y1 (Writing: Purposes, Strategies, Processes) are listed under “English” in this calendar.
TRN190Y1 (Critical Reading and Critical Writing) is listed under “Trinity College”
Commencing in 2003-2004, Innis College will offer a minor program called Writing, Rhetoric and Critical Analysis. Its offerings include the following courses, all listed under “Innis College”:
INI203Y1 (Clear Discourse), INI204Y1 (The Academic Writing Process), INI300Y1 (Strategic Writing), INI311Y1 (Seminar in Creative Writing and Literary Translation), and INI301Y1 (Contemporary Issues and Written Discourse).
The University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) has a program in Professional Writing that includes these courses: WRI203H1 (Expressive Writing), WRI303H1 (Specialized Prose), WRI305H1 (Professional Writing and Computer Communications), WRI307H1 (Science and Writing), WRI310H1 (Social and Professional Languages), CCT360H1 (Organizational Communication), and WRI390H1 and WRI391H1 (Independent Studies). Find the online UTM calendar at www.utm.utoronto.ca or call 905-828-3900 for more information. You may also wish to consult with your college registrar about taking courses at UTM.
From time to time, various colleges offer non-credit courses using the WRT designator. For further information about what is available in any year, consult the web page at www.utoronto.ca/writing/atuoft.html.

Writing Centres

The Writing Centres provided free of charge at undergraduate colleges will help you develop the writing skills needed throughout your university studies. They offer both individual and group instruction. Some sponsor non-credit courses on writing. In individual consultations, trained writing instructors will help you improve your ability to plan, write, and revise, using your assignments from any subject as examples. Some instructors specialize in the needs of students using English as a second language. You are entitled to use the writing centre of the college where you are registered or living in residence, or the department where you are taking a course. Here is a list of facilities, including numbers to call for appointments and further information:

French Department Writing Labs: ask your professor or inquire at 416-926-2302
Innis College Writing Centre, Room 322, 416-978-2513
New College Writing Centre, Wilson Hall, Room 2047, 416-978-5l57
Philosophy Department Writing Clinic, 2l5 Huron Street, 9th Floor, 416-978-3314
St. Michael’s College Writing Centre, Kelly Library, Rooms 229 and 230, 416-926-1300, x 3456
Trinity College Writing Advisory, Larkin Building, Room 302, 416-978-3530
University College Writing Workshop, Laidlaw Library, Room 214, 416-978-8090
Victoria College Writing Workshop, various locations, 416-585-4478
Woodsworth College Academic Writing Centre, Room 224, 416-978-2411
Self-Help Material

A number of campus libraries stock books about writing. Besides general handbooks on style and format, you will find books that specialize in the ways to write for specific disciplines. You can also consult the Web site “Writing at the University of Toronto” at www.utoronto.ca/writing. It offers over 60 specialized files giving advice on university writing, along with links to other useful online resources, and it gives current information on writing instruction at U of T.

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