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Basic Principles of Law 52L

The nature and justifications of legal rules as preparation for the study of basic principles of law governing the relations between individual citizens, and the relations between individual citizens and the state. Contract, torts, criminal and administrative law. (Enrolment limited: TRN305Y1 is not open to Commerce students. Commerce students should enrol in MGT393H1/394H1 in which they have priority.)
Prerequisite: A student must be in third or fourth year.
This is a Social Science course

Ethics and Human Liberation 26S

The ethical implications of critical social theory, in particular that of the ‘Frankfurt School’. The possibilities for justice and freedom in contemporary capitalism; the potential for social movements, such as the women’s movement, for emancipatory transformation.
Recommended preparation: A half-course in ethics/women’s studies/PHL267H1

Seminar in Ethics, Society, and Law TBA

Prerequisite: Students must be in their final year of registration in the Major Program: Ethics, Society And Law. See the Registration Handbook and Timetable and for enrolment procedures.
Recommended preparation: TRN305Y1/WDW220Y1/equivalent background knowledge

Independent Studies Courses

Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project. See page 40 for details.

Trinity Independent Studies TBA

Trinity Independent Studies TBA

Trinity Independent Studies TBA

Trinity Independent Studies TBA

Trinity Independent Studies TBA

Trinity Independent Studies TBA

International Relations Courses
(See the International Relations Program Office for details)

Selected Topics in International Studies TBA

Prerequisite: Enrolment in the International Relations program or permission of instructor
Exlcusion: TRN410H1

Comparative American, British and Canadian Foreign Policy 52S

The origins and evolution of American, British and Canadian foreign policy from the late 18th century to the present. Policies are compared in order to understand the development of these countries as nations and actors in the international community.
Prerequisite: Students must have a background in one of Canadian, British or American history

The Practice and Institutions of Diplomacy (formerly JHP420Y1) 52S

Evaluation of the nature of foreign policy negotiation and decision-making from the perspective of the practitioner.
Prerequisite: ECO342Y1/HIS311Y1/POL312Y1
Other Trinity College Courses

Critical Reading and Critical Writing 52S

This course introduces students to a number of critical approaches and develops the student’s own responses to texts through an understanding of critical vocabulary and the art of close analytical reading. Students also learn how to make their own critical analysis more effective through oral presentations and written work.

Modes of Reasoning (formerly TRN200H1) 26L, 26S

First term: argumentative reasoning; students are taught how to recognize, analyze, evaluate, and construct arguments in ordinary English prose. Second term: one or more discipline-related modes of reasoning (e.g., scientific reasoning, ethical reasoning, legal reasoning) studied with reference to a selection of contemporary social issues.
Exclusion: PHL/PHI247H1/TRN200H1

Freud and Freud’s Critics 52S

An examination of psychoanalytic themes: drives, instincts, sexuality, femininity, individual and society, freedom and unfreedom, reason and irrationality; major Freudian concepts and critiques by Winnicott, Benjamin, Irigaray, Reich, Flax, Marcuse; the relevance of psychoanalytic theory to issues of personal freedom and social transformation.

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