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JSP Jewish Studies

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These inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental programs study both traditional and modern Jewry. The courses provide an opportunity to study the religion, languages, literature, history and philosophy of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present.

Jewish Studies Programs

Enrolment in the Jewish Studies Program requires the completion of four courses; no minimum GPA required.
Jewish Studies (Arts program):
Jewish Studies Programs are divided into four main Areas of Study:
A: Jewish Thought
B: Jewish Literature
C: Jewish History
D: Jewish Languages
The Jewish Studies Undergraduate Handbook lists the courses in each Area and the backgrounds of their respective instructors. A summary list is provided below. Students should consult with Professor O. Penslar, Director, Jewish Studies Program, University College 322.

Specialist program:
(12 full courses or equivalent, including 3 300+series and 1 400-series courses)
1. One Hebrew course: NMC136Y1 or NMC230Y1 (or written equivalency examination)
2. Eight courses from one of the Areas of Study above
3. Three courses from at least two other Areas

Major program:
(6 full courses or equivalent, including two 300-series courses)
1. Four courses from one Area of Study above
2. Two further courses from at least one other Area

Minor program:
(4 full courses or equivalent, including one 300-series course)
1. Four courses from the Areas of Study above; consult the Director

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