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VIS Visual Studies Courses

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Visual Concepts 78P

Visual concepts introduces students to a wide range of topics situated in Modernism and Post-modernism that inform current art practice and critical discourse. The course investigates post-1970 art practice through the diverse societal, cultural and political influences of post-modernism.
Co-requisite VIS130H1

Visual Strategies 156P

A studio based course that employs intensive and diverse investigation of drawing strategies that stress the formulation and communication of visual ideas.NOTE enrolment instructions in the Registration Handbook and Timetable for this course!
Co-requisite: VIS120H1
Exclusion: FAS143H1

Painting: Methods and Materials 39P

This is a hands-on course that deals with technical and theoretical issues of painting in the late 20th Century. The act of painting and the relevance of painting are stressed through both historical and current issues. This course is very project oriented.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1 or equivalent
Exclusion: FAS145H1

Video: Production and 39P

This course is designed to introduce students to Video Art production and post-production techniques. Students conceive, shoot and edit a video tape in a hands-on-manner under the guidance of the instructor. The production of the Video Art project occurs within the framework of seminars, exhibitions and current critical writing on issues particular to Video Art. (A studio fee of $50 payable with tuition.)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1 VIS130H1

3D Installation 13L, 26P

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of working in 3 dimensions, using projects, slide lectures and writing. A studio fee of $30.00 is payable with tuition.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusion: FAS146H1

Drawing 39P

Studio-based projects explore drawing practice in the late 20th century. Materials and approaches both bear witness to continuity and respond to changing contemporary cultural issues. (A studio fee of $25 is payable with tuition.)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusion: FAS243H1

Print Media One - Relief (formerly VIS203H1) 39P

Principles and practices of Relief Printmaking. Projects in single and multiple block edition production. (A studio fee of $100 is payable with tuition.)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusion: FAS232H1

Print Media II - Intaglio (formerly VIS303H1) 39P

An introduction through studio projects to the principle forms of intaglio printmaking, including etching and collagraph. (A studio fee of $100 is payable with tuition.)
Prerequisites: VIS120H1, VIS130
Exclusion: : FAS324H1

Performance Art 13L, 26P

Practical and aesthetic concerns in the evolution of Performance against the backdrop of critical and historical perspectives. Students explore a range of Performance possibilities, alone and collaboratively to develop both intellectual and physical skills which will inform both their performance work and their view of art. Seminars focus on critical aspects of Performance.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1

Women in Visual Art 13L, 26P

The emergence and incorporation of the feminist perspective in current art theory and practice form the basis of lectures, seminars, projects and essays that focus on language, photography and other mediums that signal the shift to a variety of strategies shaping art in the post-modern era.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1

Works on Paper (formerly VIS 205H1) 13L, 26P

This course addresses, through theoretical and practical photo based projects with an emphasis on the interaction of its practice with contemporary image making and technology.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusions FAS143H1, FAS243H1

Colour 13L, 26P

Colour may be claimed as the property of all: for most everyone sees, uses, and knows colour. Studying colour takes us into areas of humanities and sciences. This study, through lectures, projects and readings aims to develop a student’s understanding and use of colour. (Not offered in 2002-2003)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1 VIS130H1

Photobased (Chemical) 13L, 26P

Photobased projects in which the fundamentals of optical-chemical-mechanical photographic processes and technologies are integrated with concepts in contemporary photobased practice. (Studio fee of $60.00 payable with tuition; student must have light metre and 35mm camera that allows full manual control.)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusion FAS147H1

Photobased (Digital) 13L, 26P

Photobased projects in which the fundamentals of optical/digital photographic processes and technologies are integrated with concepts in contemporary photobased practice. (Studio fee of $60.00 payable with tuition.)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusion FAS147H1

Painting: The Painted Edge 39P

This is a project oriented course that somewhat critically examines contemporary visual culture through painting. Lectures and discussions are featured in the course, but the foundation of the course is in making paintings.
Prerequisite: VIS130H1, VIS201H1
Exclusion: FAS245H1

Video: Advanced Projects 39P

Emphasis on pre-production, production and post-production of a video project. Students script, shoot and edit a tape through rough cut to fine cut. Class discussions focus on all stages of the work-in-progress. Strategies for distribution, exhibition and funding are examined. A studio fee of $50.00 is payable with tuition
Prerequisite: VIS202H1

Drawing and Painting 39P

Time and place in drawing and painting. This course provides a discourse with which to continue the evolution of the students’ work in drawing and painting.
Prerequisite: VIS130H1, VIS201H1 and one of VIS205H1/VIS211H1
Exclusions: FAS243H1, FAS343H1, FAS345H1

Site/Installation and 3-D Construction 13L, 26P

An investigation into the history and practice of site/installation and 3 dimensional fabrication through slide lectures, projects and seminar discussions. Earth works, large scale public projects, and site specific installations will be explored. A studio fee of $30.00 is payable with tuition.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1, VIS204H1
Exclusion: FAS348H1

Art and Context 13L, 26P

Applying art to the borders of other disciplines or issues within the university community, students develop projects with the objective of opening spaces for discourse: art as a transgressive device.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Recommended preparation: at least 5 course credits in any subject

The Processed Image 13L, 26P

Seminars and studio projects give the more advanced students the opportunity to address issues of transformation in Print technology.
Prerequisite: VIS203H1, 303H1 ,or VIS206H1, VIS207H1
Exclusion: FAS334H1

Imaging the Political 13L, 26P

Studio projects complemented by seminars and readings examine plastic, social and gender politics in contemporary imaging. (Not offered in 2002-2003)

Independent Projects TBA

Students propose and produce projects in media that are offered in Visual Studies. (A studio fee of $50 in video and sculpture only is payable with tuition.)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

Collage 13L, 26P

An investigation of collage through the 20th century. The evolution of collage as a means of expression will be explored in the form of studio projects and lectures.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1 and one VIS 200-level course
Recommended Preparation: VIS211H1

Integrated Photobased Explorations 13L, 26P

Studio projects are based on issues and writing relevant to contemporary photobased practice; seminars and readings are integral. Students will work with both chemical and digital processes. (Studio fee of $60.00 payable with tuition.)
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1, VIS217H1, VIS218H1
Exclusion: FAS347H1

Defining Landscapes 13L, 26P

The concept of “landscape” is the entry point for investigating the changing relationship between people and their environments: landscape as both the source of inspiration and the vehicle of expression. Studio and written projects, readings, seminars, lectures.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1

Critical Curatorial Lab 13L, 26P

Projects and seminars, in collaboration with The Power Plant, develop an understanding of curatorial and critical practices in contemporary visual and media arts.
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1
Exclusion: FAH451H1

Production II 13L, 26P

The course explores the meaning and function of stage and costume design for the theatre with emphasis on creative thinking, text analysis and concept development. Limited enrolment for Visual Studies students who must be at the 3rd-year level.
Prerequisite: Permission of University College Drama Program Committee

Thesis Text and Critique 39P

Taken in conjunction with VIS402H1 Thesis Project, students develop project(s) over the course of the academic year with studio, textual and critical analysis forming the components of the project. Class discussions with faculty.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Exclusions:FAS 434-5, FAS 447-8, FAS 450-3

Thesis Project 39P

Students realize projects embarked upon in VIS401H1 Thesis Text and Critique. Class discussions with faculty.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Exclusions: FAS 434-5H1, FAS 447-8H1, FAS450-3H1

Secondary Focus Project 39P

A variety of projects developed in various media with a strong interdisciplinary focus.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

Independent Studies 39P

Individual advanced projects, including texts, that are subject to group critiques.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

Visual Studies Internship 13L, 26P

A one semester Internship provides placement at a gallery, media arts centre, artist run centre, artist or publication with a focus on contemporary art practice
Prerequisite: VIS120H1, VIS130H1, permission of Undergraduate Secretary

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