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Theory of Music Courses

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Materials of Music I 52L, 78P

Harmony: triads, non-harmonic materials, dominant seventh and derivatives, secondary dominants, simple modulation. Elementary forms and analysis of 18th- and 19th-century literature. Sight singing: melodic, rhythmic and harmonic dictation. Keyboard harmony: chords and scales in all major and minor keys; playing of cadence types, modulation to closely related keys, realization of elementary figured bass, two-part transposition, score reading in five clefs, and sight harmonization of simple melodies.
Prerequisite: Grade 2 Rudiments, Grade 3 Harmony (RCMT), Grade 8 level performing audition, permission of Department
Co-requisite: HMU111H1
HMU111H1 and TMU140Y1 are prerequisites for all other HMU/TMU courses which are offered annually. Full details on these and other courses may be found in the Calendar of the Faculty of Music.

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