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ECE Electrical Engineering Courses

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Microprocessor Systems 26L, 39P

A hardware-oriented course dealing with microprocessor systems. Microprocessor components, memory devices, input/output techniques, bus structure, peripheral device controllers, hardware system and programming considerations. Laboratory experiments provide “hands-on” experience.
Prerequisite: CSC258H1; CGPA 3.0/enrolment in a CSC subject POSt

Optimizing Compilers 26L, 39P

Theoretical and practical aspects of building modern optimizing compilers. Topics: intermediate representations, basic blocks and flow graphs, data flow analysis, partial evaluation and redundancy elimination, loop optimizations, register allocation, instruction scheduling, interprocedural analysis, and memory hierarchy optimizations. Students implement significant optimizations within the framework of a modern research compiler. (This course is a cross-listing of ECE540H1, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.)
Prerequisite: CSC258H1, CSC324H1, CSC263H1/CSC265H1/CSC378H1; CGPA 3.0/enrolment in a CSC subject POSt
Recommended preparation: ECE385H1, proficiency in C, and perhaps CSC488H1

Computer Science Project TBA

This half-course involves a significant project in any area of Computer Science. The project may be undertaken individually or in small groups. The course is offered by arrangement with a Computer Science faculty member.
Prerequisite: Three 300-level Computer Science half-courses, a CGPA of 3.00 (2.50 for students in a CSC program), and permission of the Undergraduate Coordinator

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