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ARH Archaeology Program Courses

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Archaeological Interpretation 26L

Transforming archaeological results into statements about people and their life ways. Covers basic archaeological theory, including research design, sampling, stratigraphy, seriation, formation and testing or evaluation of hypotheses, regional analyses. Introduces some of the major schools of archaeological theory, including New Archaeology and Post-Processual Archaeology.
Prerequisite: ANT200Y1
This is a Social Science course

Archaeological Laboratory 26L, 52P

Techniques for making archaeological data meaningful after excavation or survey. Archaeological measurements, compilation of data, database design, archaeological systematics, and sampling theory in the context of lithics, pottery, floral, faunal and other archaeological remains.
Prerequisite: ANT200Y1, a half statistics course (e.g. GGR270H1*, STA220H1, STA221H1, STA250H1, STA257H1, STA261H1, ANTC35J3**.
Note: *Geography pre- or co-requisites waived for Anthropology and Archaeology students; ** to be taken at the Scarborough Campus
This is a Social Science course

Prehistory of the Near East 52L

From earliest times through the rise of complex hunter-gatherers, and the food producing revolution to politically complex societies in Southwest Asia.
Prerequisite: ANT200Y1/NMC260Y1
This is a Social Science course

Field Archaeology TBA

Opportunity for students participating in non-degree credit archaeological digs to submit reports, field notes and term papers for degree credit.
Prerequisite: Permission of Undergraduate Co-ordinator and Supervisor

Independent Experiential Study Project

An instructor-supervised group project in an off-campus setting. See page 40 for details.

Special Topics in Archaeology 26S

Unique opportunity to explore a particular archaeological topic in-depth. Topics vary from year to year.
Prerequisite: A 200+ level ANT course

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