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Centre for Medieval Studies


Professor and Director
S. Akbari, BA, MA, MPH, PhD


The Centre for Medieval Studies provides a course in the thousand-year period from the Fall of Rome to the Fall of Constantinople, and beyond. Students can expect to cross the disciplinary boundaries of history, art, literature, philosophy, religion, and history of science, focusing not only on Europe but on the broader Mediterranean and North Sea regions.  The course opens up the Centre for the first time to undergraduate students and provides a valuable humanities breadth experience for students who want to experience the culture, poetry, and art of the Middle Ages, as well as medieval music and drama performance and manuscript studies.

Centre for Medieval Studies Courses

MST200Y1    Getting Medieval: The Many Middle Ages[48L/24T]

Introduction to the sound, sight, and touch of the distant past, tellng the story of the Middle Ages through objects from animal skin parchment to enameled icon. A series of lectures by senior faculty is complemented by hands-on learning in weekly tutorials, along with medieval drama and music performance.

Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Humanities course
Breadth Requirement: Creative and Cultural Representations (1) + Society and its Institutions (3)