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As an intellectual inquiry into an important dimension of human experience, the exploration of religion is intrinsically valuable and constitutes a rich resource for reflection on meaning in life and on personal growth. It also prepares students for a wide range of careers (e.g. social work, law, politics from the local to the international level, teaching, medicine, leadership in religious organizations). The academic study of religion, combined with appropriate language preparation, can also open out into graduate work leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. in the growing number of universities offering advanced graduate degrees in the field, and in the Universityís own Graduate Centre.

Historically, the academic study of religion has taken a variety of forms, each with its own rationale. The Department identifies itself with a model in which the major religious traditions (e.g. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism) are studied within a comparative frame. We employ and encourage a variety of approaches (e.g. historical, textual, social scientific) without sacrificing specialized skills and training. The diversity which characterizes this model is reflected in the variety of courses offered or cross-listed by the Department, and by the wide range of training and expertise of our faculty.

Programs are described in detail in the Departmental Handbook; it also includes a limited number of cross-listed courses offered by Colleges or departments such as East Asian Studies, History, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Philosophy, and Sociology. Students aiming to complete any RLG program should consult the Undergraduate Secretary at least once a year for assistance in selecting courses that address the studentís interests and fulfill the programís requirements.

Undergraduate Secretary:

123 St. George Street, 2nd Floor (416-978-2395)


123 St. George Street, 1st Floor (416-978-2395)

Religion Programs

Enrolment in Religion programs requires completion of four courses; no minimum GPA required.

Religion (Arts program)

Specialist program:
(10 full courses or their equivalent)
1. RLG100Y1/RLG280Y1
2. RLG210Y1/RLG211Y1/RLG212Y1
3. Four 300+ series courses, including at least one at the 400-level
4. Four other courses
5. Course selection must ensure that more than one religious tradition is studied (RLG100Y1/RLG280Y1 does not fulfill this requirement); it must also ensure depth of study and focus in one area or stream of specialization
6. Two cross-listed courses may be counted
7. Besides any cross-listed courses, two courses in a single language other than English may be substituted for one 200-series RLG course

Major program:
(6 full courses or their equivalent)
1. RLG100Y1/RLG280Y1
2. One course from: RLG201Y1-209H1, or 274H1-275H1
3. Two 300+ series courses
4. Two other courses
5. One cross-listed course may be counted

Minor program:
(4 full courses or their equivalent)
1. RLG100Y1/RLG101Y1/RLG280Y1
2. One 300+ series RLG course
3. Two other courses
4. No cross-listed courses may be counted

Religion: Christian Origins (Arts program)
Consult John Kloppenborg Department for the Study of Religion

Specialist program:
( 11 full courses or their equivalent with four courses at the 300+level, including one course at the 400-level)
1. RLG100Y1/RLG280Y1
2. RLG241Y1
3. RLG203Y1/RLG331Y1
4. Two full courses in Greek, including one year of Classical Greek (normally fulfilled by GRK100Y1), and two half courses in Koine/New Testament Greek (normally fulfilled by GRK343H1 Prose Authors I and and RLG491H1 Advanced Greek Readings. (Note: Upon approval of the program coordinator, students may be permitted to substitute for these courses two full courses in another ancient language, e.g., Coptic, Syriac, Aramaic.)
5. Six 300+ half-courses (at least one must be from the 400-level) chosen from RLG320H1, RLG321H1, RLG322H1, RLG324H1, RLG325H1, RLG326H1, RLG460H1, 465,467H1
6. Four half courses or the equivalent chosen from CLA204H1, CLA230H1, CLA231H1, 334H1, 351H1, 352H1, 356Y1, CLA378H1, NMC270Y1, 470Y1, FAH203H1, 204H1, 208H1, 209H1 300H1, FAH302H1, FAH317H1, FAH321H1, FAH419H1.
7. One full course in another religious tradition, preferably an Eastern tradition such Hinduism or Buddhism.
Religion and Philosophy: see Philosophy

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