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Modern Languages and Literatures

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The Modern Languages and Literatures program is a number of sub-programs given by Faculty Language Departments. Upon graduation a student is certified as having completed a combined Specialist Program in the two languages chosen. Enrolment in this program requires the completion of four courses; no minimum GPA required. The normal combinations are listed below; for combinations NOT listed students should consult the departments concerned.

Modern Languages and Literatures

Specialist program:
(14 full courses or their equivalent)
Fourteen courses are required, seven in each subject with the following requirements:
French (with German/Italian/ Portuguese/ Russian/Spanish)
(8 courses)

Same as the Major Program in French Language and Literature
German (with French/Italian/Russian/Spanish)

Same as the Major Program in German Studies
Italian (with: French/German/Portuguese/Russian/Spanish)

Same as the Major Program in Italian
Polish (with French/German//Russian/)

First Year:

Higher Years:
1. SLA206Y1, SLA216Y1, SLA306Y1, 406Y1/SLA416Y1
2. Two courses from: SLA226H1, SLA326Y1, 406Y1, SLA416Y1, SLA426H1, 436Y1, SLA446H1
Portuguese (with French1/Italian/Spanish)
(7 courses)

Same as the Major Program in Portuguese
Russian (with French/German/Italian)

First Year:

Higher Years:
1. SLA220Y1, SLA240Y1, SLA320Y1, SLA340Y1
2. Two courses from: SLA212Y1, 224H1, 310H1, SLA314H1, SLA315H1, SLA317H1, SLA318H1, 319H1, SLA330Y1, 342Y1, SLA343H1, 354H1, 355H1, 361Y1, 362H1, 366H1, SLA367H1, 368H1, SLA370H1, SLA420Y1, 430Y1, SLA440Y1, SLA452Y1
NOTE: Students contemplating graduate work are advised to take 420Y1

Spanish (with French/German/Italian/Portuguese)
(7 courses)

First Year:

Second Year:
1. SPA220Y1/SPA320Y1; SPA420H1 (for speakers who have taken SPA319H1 in first year)
2. Plus one or two SPA 200-series course if not taken in First Year

Third and Fourth Years:
1. SPA320Y1, SPA450H1 or 452H1, 454H1
2. SPA420H1 is recommended for students who start in SPA100Y1
3. SPA420H1 is required for students who start in SPA220Y1 or higher language course; plus a 300/400-series half-course in language or linguistics
4. Plus additional SPA courses from the 300/400-series, including a half-course in Spanish American literature, to make seven courses
Ukrainian (with French/German)

First Year:

Higher Years:
1. SLA208Y1, SLA308Y1
2. Four courses from: SLA218Y1, SLA228H1, SLA238H1, SLA408H1, SLA418H1, SLA419Y1, SLA428Y1, SLA429H1, SLA438H1, 439H1, SLA448H1

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