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International Studies

Students in International Studies are invited to enroll in one of three area study programs: Asia-Pacific Studies, European Studies and Ibero-American Studies. Each major program enables students to combine concentrated study in traditional disciplines such as economics, political science, geography, anthropology, sociology, history, east asian studies, commerce or international relations with an interdisciplinary course of studies that focuses on contemporary developments in one of these rapidly changing regions of the world.
The three programs span the humanities and social sciences, drawing on the expertise of faculty members from a broad range of academic departments. In each case, a survey course provides a broad introduction to the region under study. An additional offering of optional courses enables students to develop more specialized knowledge according to their personal academic interests and preferences. Through the language component an integral part of each program those who enroll in the international studies programs will acquire a working fluency in one of the major languages in a particular region.
For more detailed information please see individual calendar entries for each of the three programs.
Asia-Pacific Studies
European Studies
Ibero-American Studies

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