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EAS East Asian Studies

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The Department of East Asian Studies offers instruction to students who wish to learn about the historic and contemporary cultures of China, Japan and Korea, their interaction with one another, and their encounters with Western cultures. The disciplines pursued in the Department fall mostly within the humanities; additional courses on Asia are given by other departments in the Faculty of Arts and Science (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and others). The Department of East Asian Studies recommends such courses to its students and will count many towards program requirements.

Courses offered by the Department of East Asian Studies fall into two main categories:

a) Courses that can be taken by students in other disciplines who wish to broaden their horizons. These encompass a variety of topics in the cultures of East Asia. They require no knowledge of East Asian languages.

b) Language and specialized courses for those in East Asian Studies programs. A full range of courses is available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean areas from the first year onwards, along with some instruction in Sanskrit.

Students seeking counselling should first contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, and in addition, all members of the Department provide advice and information, and the Undergraduate Co-ordinator or Program Administrator may direct students to them. In conjunction with Woodsworth College, the Department offers courses during June and July at the University of Hong Kong and offers opportunities for exchanges with universities in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Students should also check the web page of the Asian Institute and the Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies.

Undergraduate Co-ordinator and Enquiries:

Robarts Research Library, 14th Floor, (416-946-3624)

East Asian Studies Programs

East Asian Studies Specialist, Major, Minor (Arts programs)
1. Enrolment in the program is open to students who have completed four full courses or their equivalent. Students who were enrolled in any EAS program prior to 2002-2003 may either switch to this new program, or may follow the criteria in place for the year in which they enrolled.
2. Students with an adequate knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese or Korean should consult the Undergraduate Coordinator about the possibility of applying for a “language requirement waiver”. This waiver allows students to substitute non-language courses for the language courses required by the program.
3. The department reserves the right to place students in the language course appropriate to their skill level. See Timetable for information on placement tests and interviews.
4. The department reserves the right to remove students from a language course if, in the opinion of the instructor, the student has a higher language competency than is appropriate for the course.
5. Students may count toward an EAS program those courses with East Asian content offered by other departments provided they appear in the lists below or they have the permission of the Undergraduate Coordinator of EAS.
6.EAS102Y1 is a required course for all levels of the program.
7. Beginning 2002-2003, students may register in a new major programme in Buddhism sponsored jointly by EAS, Philosophy, and the Department for the Study of Religion. Details are available on Departmental websites.
Courses offered in EAS and other departments are classified into the three following groups (see the EAS website at www.chass.utoronto.ca/eas for the most current list):

Group I - Language Courses
EAS100Y1, EAS101Y1, EAS110Y1, EAS120Y1, EAS121H1, EAS200Y1, EAS201Y1, EAS210Y1, EAS216Y1, EAS220Y1, 282Y1, EAS290Y1, EAS300Y1, EAS310Y1, EAS320Y1, 382Y1, EAS400Y1, EAS410Y1, EAS460H1, EAS461H1, EAS490H1

Group II - Core Courses
EAS204Y1, EAS206Y1, EAS207H1, 217H1, 221Y1, EAS227Y1, EAS233H1, EAS235H1, EAS237Y1, EAS238H1, 239H1, EAS246H1, EAS247H1, EAS271H1, EAS305Y1, EAS306Y1, EAS307H1, EAS309H1, EAS323Y1, EAS327H1, EAS330H1, EAS334Y1, EAS336H1, EAS337H1, EAS338Y1, EAS 339H1, EAS342H1, EAS343H1, EAS347H1, 354Y1, EAS362Y1, EAS368Y1, EAS402Y1, EAS405Y1, EAS407H1, EAS408H1, 421Y1, EAS431H1, EAS442H1, EAS445H1, EAS446H1, EAS447H1, EAS456H1, EAS457H1, EAS468Y1, 469Y1, 471H1, 472Y1, EAS473H1, EAS476Y1; HIS103Y1, HIS281Y1, HIS328Y1, HIS346Y1, HIS347H1, HIS380Y1, HIS465Y1, 485H1; PHL237H1, PHL337H1

Group III - Specialized Courses
EAS203Y1, EAS211Y1, 217H1, EAS270Y1, EAS295Y1, EAS299Y1, 302Y1, EAS304Y1, 321Y1, EAS331Y1, EAS340H1, EAS344H1, EAS345H1, 352H1, 355H1, 371H1, EAS395Y1, EAS398H1, 399Y1, EAS434H1, EAS435H1, 436Y1, 437Y1, 438Y1, 454H1, EAS470H1, EAS490H1, EAS493H1, EAS495Y1, EAS496H1; ASI300Y1; ECO335Y1; FCS298H1; GGR343H1, GGR347H1; HIS385Y1; ITA249H1; JMC301Y1; POL335Y1, 431Y1, 435Y1;PHL237H1,3XXY1, RLG206Y1, RLG274H1, RLG275H1, RLG371H1,3XXY1,4XXY1, 450H1, 455H1; SOC342Y1, SOC343Y1; VIC300H1; WLD200H1

Specialist program:
(12 full courses or their equivalent)

First Year:

Higher Years:
1. At least four 300/400-series courses, including at least one 400-series course
2. A Group I course in the 300-series or higher
3. At least five Group II courses
4. No more than four Group III courses

Major program:
(7 full courses or their equivalent)

First Year:

Higher Years:
1. At least two 300/400-series courses
2. A Group I course in the 200-series or higher
3. At least two Group II courses
4. No more than two Group III courses

Minor program:
(4 full courses or their equivalent)

First Year:

Higher Years:
1. At least one 300/400-series course
2. Three more courses from Group I and/or Group II
3. No more than one 100-series course in Group I

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