2003/2004 Calendar
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Dean's Message

Welcome to the 2003-2004 academic year in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

If you are a new student in the Faculty and perhaps uncertain which courses to take or programs to pursue, I offer the observation that students tend to do best when they enjoy the material they are studying. In our Faculty you have the opportunity to maximize your enjoyment of your undergraduate career in two ways. First, since we offer the widest choice of courses in Canada you can pursue almost any favourite subject in Toronto or overseas in one of our study abroad programs. Second, you can dabble in fields you might otherwise never have a chance to explore. Take a look at our international programs in Asia-Pacific, Ibero-American, European Studies, or the newly revised American Studies program. Check our new Health Studies program. Combine your love of sciences with courses in the humanities. And be sure to see the 80+ different First Year Seminar courses. There are literally hundreds of possibilities awaiting your exploration. Whatever you choose, I hope you will find this Calendar to be a useful planning tool.

To all students, I encourage you to read this Calendar carefully and take advantage of the diversity of learning opportunities it presents.

Departmental counsellors and college registrars are always available to provide advice and guidance. The Calendar is also available on the Faculty’s web site at www.artsandscience.utoronto.ca; the site also provides classroom and examination timetables and other resources.

With best wishes for a challenging and enjoyable academic year in the Faculty of Arts and Science,

Pekka K. Sinervo, FRSC
Interim Dean and Professor of Physics


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