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ANA Anatomy Courses

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See “Neuroscience Program”

Human Anatomy and Histology 86L, 18P

Structure of the human body and its relationship to function. Basic Human Cytology, Histology, Gross Anatomy, and Neuroanatomy.
Prerequisite: BIO150Y1

Human Embryology 52L

Human embryology from fertilization to the end of the fetal period. Current concepts in mammalian morphogenesis applied to the development of the various organ systems; etiologies and pathogenesis of some of the more common human congenital abnormalities.
Prerequisite: BIO150Y1

Project in Anatomy TBA

A research project in Histology, Cellular or Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Neuroanatomy or Gross Anatomy.
Prerequisite: Permission of a professor to supervise the project

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