2002/2003 Calendar
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Important Information for Continuing Students

While Departmental counsellors and the Registrars of the Colleges are always available to give advice and guidance, it must be clearly understood that THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY RESTS WITH THE STUDENT for completeness and correctness of course selection, for compliance with prerequisite, co-requisite requirements, etc., for completion of Program details, for proper observance of the Distribution Requirement and for observance of regulations, deadlines, etc. Students are responsible for seeking guidance from a responsible officer if they are in any doubt; misunderstanding, or advice received from another student will not be accepted as cause for dispensation from any regulation, deadline, program or degree requirement.

Important notices

  • Degrees Offered on the St. George Campus
    • Effective for students registering in the Faculty for the first time in the academic session 2001-2002, the St. George Campus of the Faculty of Arts and Science has discontinued the 15-course (three-year) B.A. and B.Sc. degrees; ONLY 20-course (four-year) Honours B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com degrees will be available. Students registered in the Faculty BEFORE 2001-2002 may still choose a 15-course (three-year) degree.
  • Changes in Programs of Study, or “Subject POSts”
    • The subject POSts, or programs of study, that our calendar lists and describes are available for the years to which the calendar applies. They may not necessarily be available in later years. If the University or the Faculty must change the content of programs of study or withdraw them, all reasonably possible advance notice and alternative instruction will be given. The University, however, will not be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such changes might cause.
  • Changes in Courses
    • For each subject POSt offered by the University through the Faculty, the courses necessary to complete the minimum requirements of the program will be made available annually. We must, however, reserve the right otherwise to change the content of courses, instructors and instructional assignments, enrolment limitations, pre-requisites and co-requisites, grading policies, and timetables without prior notice.
  • Regulations and Policies
    • The University has several policies that are approved by the Governing Council and which apply to all students. Each student must become familiar with the policies. The University will assume that he or she has done so. The rules and regulations of the Faculty are displayed here. Applicable University policies are either fully displayed here or listed here. In applying to the Faculty, the student assumes certain responsibilities to the University and the Faculty and, if admitted and registered, shall be subject to all rules, regulations, and policies cited in the calendar, as amended from time to time.
  • Enrolment Limitations
    • The University makes every reasonable effort to plan and control enrolment to ensure that all of our students are qualified to complete the programs to which they are admitted, and to strike a practicable balance between enrolment and available instructional resources. Sometimes such a balance cannot be struck and the number of qualified students exceeds the instructional resources that we can reasonably make available while at the same time maintaining the quality of instruction. In such cases, we must reserve the right to limit enrolment in the programs, courses, or sections listed in the calendar, and to withdraw courses or sections for which enrolment or resources are insufficient. The University will not be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such limitations or withdrawals might cause.
  • Copyright in Course Lectures
    • If a student wishes to tape-record, photograph, video-record or otherwise reproduce lecture presentations, course notes or other similar materials provided by instructors, he or she must obtain the instructor’s written consent beforehand. Otherwise all such reproduction is an infringement of copyright and is absolutely prohibited. In the case of private use by students with disabilities, the instructor’s consent will not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Person I.D. (Student Number)
    • Each student at the University is assigned a unique identification number. The number is confidential. The University, through the Policy on Access to Student Records, strictly controls access to Person I.D. numbers. The University assumes and expects that students will protect the confidentiality of their Person I.D.’s.
  • Fees and Other Charges
    • The University reserves the right to alter the fees and other charges described in the calendar.

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