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Internship Programs

Professional Experience Year

  • The Professional Experience Year (PEY) provides students an opportunity to gain work experience in fields related to their programs of study. Full-time students with a CGPA of at least 2.0, with a minimum of 10.0, and a maximum of 15.0 full course equivalents, may apply to spend a twelve-to-sixteen-month period working in a related industry. This internship period normally occurs after second year for students completing a B.A./B.Sc., or after second or third year for students enrolled in an Hon. B.A./Hon. B.Sc.
  • The 12 to 16-month period of employment, normally beginning in May, gives students the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the work environment. PEY students are often involved in challenging work projects from inception to completion, and are paid at competitive workforce salaries. They gain new insights into their academic and professional goals and return to their studies with a greater understanding of their discipline from a practical, hands-on perspective.
  • Students must seek approval from their Department Chair before applying to PEY. Students pay a one-time-only registration fee of $40.00 at the time of application. If a position is accepted, a placement fee of $730 will be required from the student at the time of fall registration, no later than the first Friday after classes begin in September. Incidental fees granting part-time student status and allowing continued access to University facilities and services are also required at fall registration. The PEY Program strives to provide opportunities for all students registered in it, but cannot guarantee employment. For further information, contact the PEY Office at 416-978-6649. For specific departmental requirements, contact the department’s Undergraduate Secretary.

Co-op Japan Program

  • The Co-op Japan Program is a national program under the auspices of the Federal Government’s Pacific 2000 Japan Science and Technology Fund. It provides senior science and engineering students across Canada with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Japan.
  • The goal is to develop a pool of young Canadian engineers and scientists with hands-on experience in Japanese industrial engineering and research practices. By enabling students to develop an understanding of Japanese industry, and by providing Japanese companies with access to highly skilled and motivated students, the Program encourages long term opportunities for scientific and industrial exchange between Canada and Japan.
  • The Program is open to undergraduate students who have completed at least the first term of third year and meet certain eligibility requirements. Applications are due September 30 and January 31 of each year. For more information check the website at <http://cjp.coop.uvic.ca/>.

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