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In Self Designed Study Elsewhere Programs, students may study at a university of their own choosing. Students must apply to and obtain acceptance from both the Faculty’s Study Elsewhere and Exchange Office (SEEO) and the host institution simultaneously. there is a $30 faculty administration fee (subject to change); tuition and additional fees are to be paid to the host institution.


The University of Toronto has also exchange agreements with partner institutions around the world to allow our students to study elsewhere for a partial or full academic year. Degree credits are earned through transfer credit for course work completed at the host institution or through studies supervised by instructors in the Faculty of Arts and Science.These exchanges are administered by the SEEO and the International Student Exchange Office (ISXO) in close cooperation. The list of exchanges is below.

The ISXO administers a needs-based bursary program; for all exchange students who qualify, this bursary will usually cover at least the cost of airfare.

Eligibility for SEEO and ISXO Exchanges

  • You must have a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.50 (B-) at the end of your second year of study at UofT.
  • In many but not all cases you should be proficient in the language of the host institution, equivalent to a second-year university language course.
  • You are expected to complete the equivalent of a full-course load 4.0 to 5.0 full courses in this Faculty.
  • You are required to pay full-time tuition for 5.0 credits and incidental fees to U of T.
  • You can only apply to one of the exchange offices and you must choose only one exchange destination.

Additional Eligibility Requirements for SEEO Exchanges Only

  • You must have completed at least 8.5 courses by May 2003 and intend to study elsewhere during your entire third year of an Honours Degree Program.
  • You must be enrolled in one specialist or two major programs with at least three of the courses required for the
    program(s) completed by May 2003.
  • 60% of your course work during your studies elsewhere must be completed in your program.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for all SEEO and ISXO programs is February 7, 2003, except for Germany: Baden-Württemberg and France: Rhône-Alpes, which are both in January. For further information please contact either office below:

Exchanges for Faculty of Arts & Science Students* Through SEEO or ISXO:

Australia: University of Sydney; University of Melbourne; University of New South Wales; University of Queensland; Austria: University of Vienna; Barbados: University of the West Indies; Bulgaria: American University of Bulgaria (in Blagoevgrad; courses in English); Canada (Canada Exchange Scholars Program): Alberta, Laval, McGill, McMaster, Montréal, Queen’s, UBC, Waterloo, Western Ontario; Chile: University of Chile; China: Chinese University of Hong Kong (courses in English); University of Hong Kong (courses in English); The Czech Republic (in Brno): Masaryk University (courses in English); England: Birmingham University; Herstmonceux Castle (Sussex); Lancaster University; Leeds University; University of Manchester; Nottingham University; University of Sussex; Warwick University; Estonia: Tartu University; Europe: Science student exchanges with different European ECTS partners; France: Study Abroad Program at Nantes; Lyon I (Claude Bernard University); Lyon 2 (Lumière University); Lyon 3 (Jean Moulin University); Sciences Po (Paris); Ontario/Rhône Alpes Universities Program; Germany: Humboldt University at Berlin; Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Universities Program; University of Bonn; University of Freiburg; Ireland: National University of Ireland at Maynooth (near Dublin); Israel: Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; Italy: University of Venice; Jamaica: University of the West Indies; Japan: Kwansei Gakuin University; Kyoto University; Kyushu University; Nihon University; Waseda University; Korea: Ewha Woman’s University; Sookmyung Women’s University; Yonsei University; Mexico: UNAM University, Mexico City; The Netherlands: University of Amsterdam (courses in English); New Zealand: University of Auckland; University of Otago; Scotland: University of Glasgow; University of Edinburgh; Singapore: National University of Singapore (courses in English); Sweden: Lund University (courses in English); Uppsala University (courses in English); Taiwan: National Taiwan University; Trinidad & Tobago: University of the West Indies; USA: State University of New York at Buffalo.

*Bachelor of Commerce Students have a special set of exchanges; please inquire at the Commerce Office, the ISXO or the SEEO.

International Summer Programs - Woodsworth College

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers international summer programs administered through Woodsworth College, in England (Brighton), France (Tours), Germany (Berlin), Mexico (Guadalajara), Hong Kong, Jerusalem and Italy (Siena). These programs are designed to give students an international experience and to enrich their studies while preparing them for the future in the global village. Students take regular University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit courses, relevant to the location, at a distinguished university local to the area. Relatively small classes, with the exception of language courses, are taught in English. Financial aid is available for some programs. For further information please contact:

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